The 5 best Warehouse Management Systems

04.10.2022 Angelika Siczek
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In our previous post, we showed you what warehouse management systems are all about. Thanks to these platforms, you can streamline managing your warehouse and orders that you receive from your customers. However, there are many WMS solutions to choose from – which one is the best? That, of course, depends on your requirements. We gathered five options for you to help you find and select trustworthy WMS software. Each of these systems offers all the crucial capabilities and more.

What is WMS

Warehouse management systems are platforms (typically cloud-based) that are fully integrated with your warehouse and e-commerce platform. As a result, they have instant access to everything that happens in your warehouse and can help you with organizing products, preparing orders, creating shipping documents, and shipping itself. Thanks to a WMS, your company can save a lot of time and work more efficiently. There are fewer order mix-ups and delays. But to achieve all that, you need a reliable and battle-tested WMS system. Let’s have a look at possible options.


Sortly is a unique WMS system. First off, it comes with a free trial period, which is a rare solution in this sector (in the previous post, we told you that adjusting a WMS to your needs can take up to several weeks). That’s because Sortly is almost exclusively for small companies with rather clear expectations. Sortly has four essential modules:


  • Catalog: This module enables you to track items in your warehouse along with their details, including quantity, price, condition, etc.
  • Manage: Here, you can manage and update your inventory, including moving items and scanning barcodes.
  • Track: Here, you track what happens with your inventory and order, e.g., you get notifications on low stocks.
  • Report: The reporting feature helps you keep everything under control. 



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3PL Warehouse Manager

It’s a comprehensive cloud-based warehouse management platform that helps sellers and distributors manage inventory, automate everyday tasks, and cooperate with 3PL companies (logistics operators). With 3PL Warehouse Manager, you can access full real-time inventory tracking, mobile picking and scanning products (using mobile devices), label and other document generation, and automated billing. 3PL Warehouse Manager also uses API/EDI integrations, which means it can be easily integrated with other tools in your online store.



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Fishbowl is useful, especially to companies that not just sell but also manufacture products. This platform simplifies the production process, generates work orders, and calculates inventory needs. Concerning warehousing, Fishbowl Warehouse comes with everything you need, including:

  • Managing multiple warehouses
  • Full inventory management (with Fishbowl, you can both streamline and scale your inventory control and warehouse operations)
  • Integration with the accounting software (QuickBooks)
  • Tracking costs and employee activity
  • And even Business Intelligence features to get a more in-depth view of your operations

There is also an app called Fishbowl GO, that enables you to turn your smartphone into a fully-fledged barcode scanner.



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That’s yet another cloud-based WMS software solution on our list. Logiwa automates order fulfillment, inventory management, and other warehouse-related operations. It works best in small and medium-sized online stores, but thanks to flexible integrations, it can also fulfill the expectations of a large company. With Logiwa, you can automate and optimize warehouse operations and supply chains, work with carriers and 3PL companies, and, of course, get access to seamless integrations. What’s especially important, Logiwa works best in the D2C setup. Additionally, this platform also offers a free trial period.


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Infor WMS

The last platform on our list can be deployed both in the cloud or on-premises. It’s available in 14 languages and is highly configurable. Just like Fishbowl, Infor works perfectly in a multisite warehousing setup. This platform helps your manage all of your distribution center activities, as it combines typical warehouse management with labor management. Users value this platform for its modern UX, intuitive dashboard and configurability. Interestingly, Infor WMS can even work with online stores that operate internationally and have warehouses in different countries and will be sufficient even if your store processes over 200,000 orders daily.



Once you select the optimal WMS platform for your company, there is the deployment stage that frequently requires expertise in this sector. Our team will gladly help you implement the chosen warehouse management system. Just reach out and let us know which platform you want to integrate with your store, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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