10 best e-learning platforms

25.08.2020 Angelika Siczek
10 most popular e-learning platforms

E-learning has become popular in the last few years. More platforms for learning, for example, foreign languages, are springing up like mushrooms, offering certified courses in various fields and other opportunities for people who want to gain new qualifications. E-leraning platforms began to enjoy particular popularity during the corona virus pandemic, when, forced to stay at home, we were looking for solutions to use excess free time. This experience has shown us that the future is on the Internet and certain areas of business will certainly find their permanent space there. One of them is the sphere of education, so it’s worth taking a look at the best e-learning platforms that can be used for online courses. If you are interested in running your own training, you are active in marketing and want to share your experience or you are a trainer and dream of opening your own business, see what tool in the form of an e-learning platform to choose!


What is an e-learning platform?

The main task of the e-learning platform is to facilitate educational activities. Conducting an online course also gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience than in traditional classroom activities.


The potential of the entire e-learning industry is huge. It is projected to reach $ 243 billion by 2020. Moreover, the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to increase by 5% from 2017 to 2022. Therefore, if you are still wondering if e-learning is your cup of tea, try to take the first step – explore the top 10 online learning platforms!



It is a platform where you can find courses in almost every field. From the IT industry to nail styling. Its resources include courses from over 20,000 experts. Courses are usually not for free, you have to pay for them. However, you can use them many times and not just once.


The Udemy platform offers a variety of content creation tools such as PDF documents, Power Point presentations, and other formats. However, it charges as much as 50% on course sales, and lecturers have little autonomy as it does not allow them to control their brand and course prices. They also don’t have much visibility into who the course recipients are. On the other hand, it offers over 12 million users willing to take the course.



It is an e-learning platform with 3 million students, 7,500 trainers and 20,000 available courses. But Techable doesn’t stop there and the numbers keep getting bigger and more impressive.


How does the platform work? Trainers must pay a monthly fee to access the platform. The company attracts them by offering a free e-book that clearly explains how to create a course, video, slide presentation and other forms.



It is another popular platform in the e-learning industry and a great tool for instructors who want to conduct live webinars and on-demand webinars. The platform is equipped with a large number of tools such as slides, desktop sharing tools, audio, video, etc. It is a particularly popular place among developers of academic courses.


With WizIQ, you can easily create and publish your course. The platform guarantees many plugins for popular learning management programs, such as Moodle or Sakai.



Ruzku fits perfectly into the ranking of the 10 best e-learning platforms. Thanks to it, trainers do not need to have a lot of knowledge about technology, because it is simple and intuitive to use even for less advanced users. The creators of Ruzku go to great lengths to make it easier for instructors to create and publish their courses.


There are many interesting options available on the platform. Among them, it is worth highlighting PayPal payments, MailChimp integration and daily backup.



The main mission of the Educadium platform is to support entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes in creating, managing and reaping the benefits of online teaching and training through the EasyCampus platform.


From the ability to design courses to publishing, it is packed with features. If you want to learn more about how this platform works, you can use its trial version. Later, Educadium is available by subscription.



Are you interested in a training platform that will allow you to get to know a large community of your recipients and interact with them? Then bet on LearnWorlds. This service is very well positioned, which is why it attracts a lot of users. It has many impressive features such as sales page builders, simulators, an intelligent sales engine, advanced analytical tools and many other useful options.


However, remember to calculate the costs well before making a decision. The selling price on the platform is $ 5. Monthly subscriptions, on the other hand, start at $ 24 a month.



It is a training platform that brings together over 35,000 content creators who want to create their own brand and start selling courses. The tools contained in it guarantee a smooth start of business due to their intuitive nature. So if you want to quickly create a course and expand your audience, choose Thinkific!


Academy Of Mine

With the Academy of Mine, you can start your own online academy. You can do all of this in a really simple way and save a significant amount of time thanks to the many drag and drop options.


The platform is equipped with a well-functioning administrative interface, which definitely facilitates the management of the teaching platform. The course creation tools are also very extensive and will meet the needs of extremely demanding clients.



Are you wondering how to turn your blog into a truly profitable business? The CourseCraft platform will make it possible! Its flexible editor will help you create interesting and informative courses in a simple and efficient way. Thanks to the integration with PayPal and Stripe payments, your recipients will quickly gain access to them.


By using this platform, you can therefore create quizzes, lessons, forums and other forms that you deem most appropriate. As an instructor, you can also give discounts on your offers. Your students can collaborate with fellow instructors and even create large knowledge ecosystems. Moreover, CourseCraft offers interesting and custom branding features.



Did you know that thanks to this platform, the best trainers earn up to $ 40,000 a year ?! For this reason, it is a platform that is really worth getting interested in. However, this is not its only advantage. Skillshare includes two key elements – a video and a class project. So the courses consist of a series of short videos that last from 10 to 25 minutes, so the recipient remains focused for a really long time.


By using the platform, you can earn with the Skillshare Affiliate Program. You will join him after meeting certain conditions – incl. enrolling at least 25 students in one class. The advantage of this e-learning is that the user does not pay for each course separately, but gains access to the entire content of the platform thanks to the subscription.



Now you know that there is a whole group of interesting e-learning platforms. So the decision you choose is in your hands. Think about what types of content you want to publish – whether it will be webinars in real time, whether you prefer to prepare a presentation, to which audience you want to target your lessons and how you want to earn money from your business. Good luck!

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