15 tips on how to increase traffic on the online store

26.02.2019 Angelika Siczek
How has trade developed over the past few years? Most people do not use cash nowadays, which is why the vendors have purchased credit card terminals. Stores compete with creative advertisements, promotions, and unique offers. However, the biggest revolution concerns the place of trade. More and more stores need a website to be noticed on the market in the first place. Similarly, as many entrepreneurs take their first steps, invest only in e-commerce, instead of opening a traditional store.
However, creating a website and opening an online store is not enough. In order to draw more customers to your store, it is also not enough to have an attractive assortment. In the jungle of various offers, you need to invest in increasing your visibility in search engines. The success depends on how many people we can attract, get interested in our offer and persuade you to buy products or services. Finding yourself high in the search results and thus increasing traffic to your website is a priority for every e-commerce vendor.
Various techniques are used to position the page correctly. One of the most important is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the optimization of search engine pages so that it is high in organic (unpaid) search results for specific keywords that users are searching for. If you’re interested in how to use SEO and how to become visible to potential customers, please read the 15 tips below.

1. Share your knowledge

Nothing is more valuable than knowledge. Why? Thanks to knowledge you can achieve the intended effects. Regardless of the business that you run – professional knowledge, it is what your clients want most. This applies to both information about the products offered and highly specialized services. That is why it is worth repeating the mystery and from time to time share your competence. It is a great way to attract customers, build their trust and encourage them to take advantage of your professional offer. Additionally, by sharing knowledge, you build your image as a professional. By engaging users from other websites, you increase traffic to your website. You can easily achieve that by using other websites with high traffic. These include Quora, Medium and LinkedIn.
Through Quora, users ask questions and search for content using key concepts linked to topics of interest. You can appear on this platform to answer the questions they ask. Thanks to this, you can create valuable content for the user, linked to your website, which will bring more traffic to your website.
By using Medium you can also share your knowledge obtaining new users. All you need to do is publish an article regarding your industry and then connect it to the selected website
LinkedIn, a social service with a business and professional profile is also an excellent place to acquire B2B clients. You can make a lot of interesting relationships by being active. By publishing interesting and engaging content, you will attract readers interested in the topic.

2. Update your content

The only sure way to interest your readers is to produce attractive and contemporary content. Well-prepared content not only draws the attention of users but also makes them want to return to the website. Therefore, if you have not checked your “news” and other previously published articles for a long time, do so immediately. Nobody wants to read a newspaper published two years ago. This does not mean, however, that you have to delete all the content you once posted. Some just need to be refreshed. For example, reedition, supplement with the most searched key phrases or links connecting content with the relevant subpage on your site.
Another way to re-use existing content is to change its form. For instance, if your blog entry presents professional knowledge and it involved a lot of readers, you can try to create a video or podcast on Youtube of it. By doing that you will engage another group of users who may not have reached your site before. Additionally, the Google algorithm appreciates the diversity of channels, so you’ll be positioned better in the search results.

3. YouTube is your strength

We live in times when vlogs are becoming more and more popular so when planning a strategy to increase the visibility of the company on the web, you cannot omit YouTube. Right next to Google it is the most visited website in the world. However, running your own channel requires a lot of commitment. It is not enough to upload a video and count on quick response of users. YouTube’s popularity is founded on audience engagement and not on search rankings. That is why it is important to have a very high content quality, correct tagging of the video with the use of keywords, and above all, the consistency of posting. Only such a combination can allow achieving the expected results.

4. Paid advertisement – find your recipients

Is advertising the foundation of trade? In this subject, nothing has changed for years. With the exception of the place where potential clients may come across your ad. Thanks to social media, you have a much better chance of finding consumers who will be interested in your offer. An excellent way to increase traffic on a website is paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. The possibility of precisely defining the target group guarantees reaching a large number of people who may not be able to reach your advertisement broadcast in traditional media.
For instance, by using Facebook, you can get the recipients’ precise demographic data. Determine their age, place of residence, interests and even set the time of the advertisement’s exposure on their profile. Thanks to such narrowing of the auditorium you will only get to people who are seriously interested in your product. Additionally, even the free presence on social media profiles helps to increase traffic on the website by posting a direct link to a subpage, e.g. a blog or a specific product.

5. Keywords? They’re everywhere!

It is no secret that keywords are ruling the internet. And above all, they are the basis of SEO. If you want to be up to date with them, you must constantly look for those that will increase traffic on your website in a real way. The secret is to find the most important ones. So, which users are willing to enter into the search engine and which will bring you the most visits.
Aby zadbać o odpowiednie nasycenie witryny słowami kluczowymi, warto umieszczać je w każdym możliwym miejscu. Należy jednak pamiętać, aby tekst nie składał się jedynie z pustych fraz, a niósł realną wartość dla użytkownika. Warto także zapoznać się z narzędziem Keywords Everywhere. To wtyczka, którą możesz zainstalować w przeglądarce Google Chrome lub Firefox. Dzięki niej od razu zobaczysz, które słowa najczęściej wyszukują użytkownicy. A jeśli będziesz chciał stworzyć płatną reklamę pokaże Ci jaki poniesiesz koszt za jedno kliknięcie użytkownika (CPC- koszt za kliknięcie) i w które słowa warto zainwestować.
To ensure that your site is saturated with keywords, it’s a good idea to put them in all possible places. However, it should be remembered that the text should not only consist of empty phrases but would carry real value for the user. You should also check out the Keywords Everywhere tool. It is a plugin you can install in Google Chrome or Firefox. Thanks to these tools you will immediately see which words users search for most often. And if you want to create a paid advertisement, it will show you how much you will pay for one click per user (CPC – cost per click) and which words are worth investing in.

6. Use the power of headings

Within the on-site ranking factors, meaning related to the optimization of the website, the title – the H1 header – is the most important. The most important element on the site is marked with this tag. The following values on the page should be organized in the order of headings H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. However, you shouldn’t constantly use all of them. On each page, only one most important content should be classified under the H1 tag. IIt’s good if the title has a keyword that will enable effective page positioning.
Using headers can help in many ways. A good headline draws attention and presents the topic covered by the article. It allows you to preserve the structure, and is also a good reference point for quick text scanning, without going into technicalities. In addition, it gives the user a break between sections of content that become easier to find the information they seek.

7. The secret of internal linking

Internal linking is a simple and effective SEO technique. Thanks to the links within a given domain, users and search engine robots have an easy way to all subpages on the website, for example to another source of knowledge, document or image. Internal linking makes the page more organized and easier for the recipients to reach the other subpages of the website. When properly done, it helps search engines index subpages and put them in the correct position in the search engine.
Thanks to internal linking you keep the user on your site. You may use this method also on other platforms so that users could access content published previously. Internal linking of subpages also raises your credibility in Google. For instance, if you own a motorcycle store, and you also have a blog where you post about replacing a throttle, you can blend this article with a certain product in your store. Thanks to this, you can easily redirect the users to the place you’d like them to be

8. Responsive website – a key to success

Many studies show that an increasing number of people use the Internet via mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are with us in almost every place and situation. Therefore, in order to reach a group of your users, you should adapt your website to mobile devices.
In recent years, Google looks better on responsive websites. Hence, it is immensely important to make sure that your website is properly adapted for use on smartphones. Check how long does it take for individual subpages to load, if all photos and content are easily visible. You can check this during the normal use of your website on a mobile device, as well as using a special Google report.

9. The magic of free gadgets

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Even if it’s only a pen with a logo, it can bring a smile to your face. It is also a traditional way to acquire clients. It turns out that it works not only in the real world but also in the online sphere.
What kind of gifts can you give? It all depends on your ingenuity. It can be a free e-book with advice, an invitation to a webinar or a PDF with a transcript of a training. When distributing gifts, it is not just the recipient who uses it. You also receive value in return in the form of a lead or contact to a potential client. Very often it’s an e-mail address or similar contact details. This will help you in the future when building a list with recipients potentially interested in your services. You can additionally offer an exchange via social media, such as a free e-book in exchange for likes. This will create a network that will increase your consumer base, and additionally take care of SEO, which will translate into the triumph of your e-commerce business.

10. Connecting e-mail marketing

After receiving e-mails from potential buyers, you now have a ready base of recipients. Now you can start building a campaign. E-mail marketing opens a communication path between you and your customers. You can keep them involved by systematically sending them a newsletter with up-to-date information regarding your company. For instance, about new offers, upcoming promotions or upcoming special circumstances. You can easily plan and automate the activities of e-mail marketing campaigns using special tools such as Mail Chimp.
E-mail marketing has one more purpose. It contributes to the increase of traffic, and hence, increases your relevance in Google search. When you fall in the ranking of keywords or hit an inferior season in your business, e-mail marketing will help you win new customers and make up for any losses. It will increase the number of visits to your website and help you keep your key phrases visible.

11.   Lower the bounce rate

Bounce rate is a parameter that shows how many people leave your website after viewing only a part of it. You can see from which subpages users have exited just after looking at it for a few seconds. Thanks to this ratio, you measure the commitment of your recipients. Bounce rate can affect your position in search engines. If you make it interesting, people are more likely to visit and spend more time using your services.
What to do to lower the bounce rate? Make the content more interesting. Avoid text blocks and use headers. Write short sentences. Use question marks, colons, and enumerations. Make reading easier keeping in mind that most people slide through the text and do not pay as much attention you hope they will to the text. Make sure that your website is easily accessible and has a quick reaction to the user’s actions.

12.   An interesting and long article

Treści uznawane za długie składają się z ponad 1000 znaków. Oprócz wartości dla czytelnika przynoszą także korzyść właścicielowi witryny. Ponieważ odbiorcy spędzają więcej czasu na przeglądaniu obszernego artykułu, spędzają także więcej czasu na Twojej stronie. Tym samym zmniejszają współczynnik odrzuceń. Jaki jest tego efekt? W oczach Google’a masz świetną, angażującą treść, a ta pomaga Ci znaleźć się na wyższym poziomie w wynikach wyszukiwania.
Even though people mostly scan through texts, research proves that longer articles can arouse real interest and commitment. Users voluntarily share such statements with their friends, for example using social media. But, there is one condition – the article must provide interesting and useful information for the recipient.
Content viewed as long consists of over 1000 characters. Besides bringing the value to the reader, they also benefit the website owner. Because recipients spend more time browsing an extensive article, they also spend more time on your site. Thus, they reduce the bounce rate. What is the effect? In the eyes of Google, you have great, engaging content, and this helps you to get to a higher level in the search engine results.

13. Bloggers and influencers

Long before active marketing and paid ads many companies used the mouth to mouth methods. Meaning that one entity recommended some service or product to another entity. Then that second entity recommended it to someone else and that’s how you got clients. Today that method is still being used, however, it has a completely different dimension now – today that entity is mostly social media influencers. That method is used by e-commerce B2B companies and B2C websites.
The development of social media created a perfect space for bloggers and influencers. They are often recognized and the viewers put a lot of trust in them. Often that trust is bigger than the trust of other public personas like pop-culture stars. That’s a great chance for collaboration with them. Thanks to the right terms you can plan the campaign together. When choosing the right person it’s important to look at the branch they specialize in and if they have authority in that topic. The quality of posts should be as high as possible and the terms of the collaboration should be firmly set. If you’re looking for the right person the Quu service can help you as well as other platforms and social media portals.

14. Create unique meta descriptions

Optimization of meta descriptions is another good way to increase the traffic on your site Even though meta descriptions are not directly linked with the browser ranking they can help increase the number of clicks on the website.
What exactly are meta tags? These are the marks placed in the heading section making it easier to describe the type of the site, key phrases, and content descriptions. They help to recognize the content of a specific subpage and are a short summary of what your page contains. When being displayed in a browser they help the user to decide whether it is the right link for him to click.
The method for optimization of the meta description is making sure that it contains the most important information. The formulation should be written from the user’s point of view so that it could answer the phrase entered into the browser and encouraged to visit the website. Usually, the offer of special services and products is the best idea and brings the most traffic.

15. Shema.org – your dictionary

How does Schema.org work? Simply put, thanks to dictionaries created by webmasters it translates itself and teaches the browsers’ robots different issues. It makes it easier to translate the content of your site. Thanks to that the robots can display important issues like addresses, opening hours or opinions in the browser.
To do so, the HTML code must include special schema markers. Thanks too that Google and other browsers can easily read the website. It’s a very helpful operation when it comes to page positioning and a relatively new technique in SEO. For that reason, not many companies realize what benefits it can bring. Showing the browsers what exactly is happening on your website can help you maximize exposure and increase the SEO ranking of your e-commerce website.
The 15 above-mentioned tips are only a part of operations you can introduce to increase the traffic on your website and increase visibility thanks to SEO. it’s a good idea to constantly monitor the changes and pay attention to all Google algorithms updates in order to get visible results. Analyze and check the results of your work, try to learn something from them. You can do that with the help of many free tools. If you do all these things you will most certainly see great results.

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