5 simple questions that will urge your clients to have a conversation

13.12.2013 Angelika Siczek

Being an online vendor, you may not always have the possibility to contact your customers directly. Hence -the support tickets, online chat, customer reviews, forums, and telephone orders, which are probably the only way to get feedback from the client. Unfortunately, most of them do not always give a sincere opinion about completed purchases, and take too much time and attention, because it is the only way to gather and organize the right amount of information.


It is not easy to persuade the customer to leave a complete opinion about the store in which he made purchases because it takes too much time. In many cases, customers skip the review element because they have neither the time nor the capacity to spend hundreds of hours to complete surveys. Even when retailers offer tempting promotions and discounts, so that users can easily fill out a survey form or write a review, it still does not bring the expected results. This means that there will be no data that will allow you to increase the efficiency of the warehouse.


Yes, the only way to collect invaluable information about the quality of customer service is urgency. Therefore, it is important to choose the right time to set the analyses. Marketers suggest conducting tests no later than 5 days after the order was delivered to the customer.


Before submitting, consider the list of questions that will appear in the bulletin. The only solution is to put yourself in the customer’s situation and think about what questions you want to be asked as a common buyer.


In this article, we suggest some effective questions that you should ask your clients about regarding their experience. You can also use additional tools to refine your research or collect feedback after purchase.

How to get the most important information?


Why did you decide to choose our store?

Find out what factors motivate customers to shop in your store. We offer about 10 options to choose from. The variables can be for instance:

• price

• friend’s recommendation

• high position in search results

• positive opinions, etc.

In other words, use all the important factors that affect the conversion rate.

How to find us?

This is the question we ask to know the reference source that leads to the online store. Here you can also choose whether to use the open question.

Do our products meet your expectations?

Offer your customers to rate products on a scale of 1 to 10, or ask for additional information related to quality or other important aspects, according to store specifications.

Tell us about your shopping experience in our store

This question seems to be one of the most important ones because it allows you to get information on all aspects of the purchasing process. Use as many variables or short questions as possible. Try to include the following topics:

•  Are the products easily located?

•  Is the navigation in the store working well?

•  Do the products look the same as in the pictures?

•  Is the order delivered according to the schedule?

What is the best way to contact us?

The best method to be closer to your customers. Find out which are the most popular channels of information delivery, and the dialogue between you and your consumer will gain value.


Depending on your needs, you can always modify the list of questions by adding or eliminating certain elements. Divide them into smaller parts, and even test using the A/B method to create a list of questions that best reach different groups of clients.

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