7 methods how to upgrade B2B store

16.01.2020 Angelika Siczek
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Do you run B2B business using a sales platform? This is a good step because you reach your potential customers more easily. However, even if you run a satisfactory business, you should go beyond the previously adopted schemes. Modern customers are looking for something more than a smooth transaction.


Research and observation shows that more and more consumers in the business to business sector are looking for shopping experiences similar to those they get when moving in the B2C sphere. Gallup research has shown that only 29% of clients are fully committed and willing to invest in companies with which they do business. This means that as many as 71% of enterprises are willing to change their contractor. So if you want not to be in a losing position, attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing customers, you should adapt your business to the new market requirements. First of all, focus on a modern website and optimized shopping experience. How to do it?


B2B Store


Learn 7 ways to improve your B2B store

Before you become familiar with the methods, remember that each of them must be adapted to your industry. All actions you take should be preceded by an analysis appropriate for your company.


Plan your marketing strategy and targeted advertising campaigns

The biggest mistake you can make is to create a new website and set up a special shopping path for customers without first selecting your target audience. So remember not to start all work from the end! Before you take the appropriate steps, analyze your target. Determine who is the recipient of your services and where you can find him.


To do this, create the entire internet marketing strategy. Do it at the very beginning! Be prepared for the fact that you will need to spend the right budget on advertising campaigns and examine the reactions of your potential recipients. When creating ads, consider paid channels, including display ads, Google Ads, email and social media.


The B2B website must be responsive and function properly on all devices. It should also be complete and contain unified information everywhere. It is worth equipping her with the possibility of contact, e.g. chatbot and with the same payment systems. If there are differences between the devices, potential customers may refuse to buy from you and move to the competition platform.


Ensure quick contact with the client via chatbot

Unfortunately, despite the desire, we do not always have time to answer every query. To facilitate this, chatbots have been created that are able to effectively answer the most common doubts of customers. Chatbots also help in sales, organizing promotions, and most importantly – they are available around the clock.


Why else are they so helpful? It is important to remember that if the customer does not find the right information on the site, they can be discouraged and completely cancel the transaction. The same happens in the case of problems with placing the order or with payments. Genesys research shows that chatbot is able to reduce cart abandonment at key transaction times by up to 50%!


Personalize customer experiences

Each of us likes to be special. Therefore, this also applies to B2B customers. This industry has a considerable history of building a network of contacts, signing long-term contracts and establishing offline relationships. However, in the digital reality this type of action is also important. They only take a slightly different form.


So if you want to become competitive, go for personalization. Provide your customers with individual offers, special promotions and discounts. Let them customize their account to meet their own requirements. An e-commerce site with the option of personalization makes the customer feel cared for and has the impression that it is not just another anonymous transaction number, but an important contractor for you.


Remember SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a website optimization for search engines. These types of activities ensure your visibility on the internet, i.e. you will display to your customers when they search for products or services related to your business. Regardless of where your business is located, if you have a B2B e-commerce platform, it is necessary to ensure positioning and a high position in the search ranking.


With the right positioning of your services, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition. Research shows that 50% of people more often click on the result if the brand appears repeatedly in search results – on different phrases (40 Unbelievable SEO Statistics You Need to Know). So if you optimize your website in accordance with the SEO strategy, your company will certainly gain new recipients.


Always care for Content Marketing

If you adopt an appropriate SEO strategy, it cannot exist without Content Marketing. After all, it is not only creating content for positioning, but also a field of contact with your client and a chance to establish relationships with potential recipients. In the modern market, many companies use content marketing activities, achieving various successes. It is also worth emphasizing that all created content also contributes to building the image of an industry expert.


What is included in content marketing activities? It is primarily about sharing industry news, tips, promotions and knowledge. So you can create specialized blogs where you educate your clients. Show what your products look like and how to use them – videos and photos. They can also be channels run in social media. Thanks to these types of activities, you increase your credibility, creating trust among recipients.



Remember that when improving a website, you need to take a wider look at your entire business and approach the problem holistically. Remember that in the e-commerce industry the customer expects more than just purchased products. All experience in contact with your brand is important. Meeting the needs of customers can be demanding. However, if you do it the right way, you’ll get a return in the form of increased profits and smooth operation of your company!

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