Akeneo PIM: How does it shape purchasing experiences?

15.09.2020 Angelika Siczek
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How to explain what Akeneo PIM is? A company employee used a perfect analogy, comparing the system to a TV remote control. Sounds puzzling? Definitely yes! However, this is really a perfect analogy.

Imagine that this inconspicuous element – the TV remote control can be treated as the greatest invention of all time. After all, how can we watch TV comfortably without it? Surely, at some point in your life, you have looked for a remote control for half an hour in the depths of the couch, under the table or in any other “typical” place.

If you were not in possession of this unique gadget, you’d have to: get up, go to the TV and manually change channels, browse each of them, searching for what you’re really interested in. Also, if you use Smart TV, it would be virtually impossible to use platforms like Netflix or other platforms that offer access to the entire pool of movies and series. Because without the remote control you would not have access to them.

To sum up – without a remote control, watching TV would not be impossible. And just as every good new TV needs a remote to operate it, every professional product enrichment and development team needs its core equipment, which is a product information management solution – PIM. In many ways, a good PIM solution is like remotely controlling product information and driving product experience. So here we come to the essence of our topic, that it is a tool that is similar to the functionality of a TV remote control.

Lead your product teams

Just as you can control a TV with a remote from anywhere in the room, thanks to PIM you are able to manage the product from anywhere and at any time.

PIM Akeneo helps teams collaborate whether they are in the same office or working from different parts of the world. It is a perfect solution for the home office work model. With this tool, all teams can collaborate without constraints or problems, providing customers with an attractive, multi-channel brand experience, wherever they are.

This approach will also make your work easier, as you will be able to control what activities have been performed and which information has been supplemented or modified.

Switch sales channels

Just like a TV remote control allows you to quickly change channels, the PIM system will help your team to instantly enrich descriptions or update information about the product you are selling. Moreover, it will support you in the process of gathering and introducing new products to the market, using a centralized, trusted source of information about all products. PIM guarantees the creation of a set of information about products and all other digital assets, improving their quality and availability while avoiding the creation of disconnected data silos.

So what will you gain by using PIM? First of all, the possibility of faster introduction of your company to the selected market. Fortunately, this speed doesn’t mean you are getting more bugs. This is because your team is equipped with an appropriate work tool, which means that it is not exposed to the risk of making mistakes that would occur under other conditions of performance. Thanks to PIM, information consistency is guaranteed in each sales channel, and all kinds of errors or inconsistencies are removed on an ongoing basis.

The PIM system means that your customers are not exposed to false or outdated information about the products they are interested in. Therefore, you offer them a reliable source of data and facilitate their purchasing decision.

Use the information – guide

What is the extremely useful function of the TV remote control? It is primarily a handy info-guide button. With it, you can see all the available channels and programs, saving you the time and effort needed to manually browse and check each channel to find out what movie or show will be airing at any given time. It turns out that a modern PIM solution will offer you exactly the same!

How is this possible? If you provide your team with a registration system for all products, their descriptions, digital resources and other types of elements that make up the omnichannel user experience, Akeneo PIM will serve as a guide to information about your products. Moreover, it will help all interested parties identify the products that need enriching descriptions, as well as assess the quality and completeness of the products and resources you offer to your customers.

Why is it worth betting on Akeneo PIM?

To sum up – using the remote control analogy, one can safely conclude that if the TV remote control is the greatest invention of all time, then the PIM solution is certainly the greatest discovery necessary for product information management. So it becomes an equal companion of the remote control.

If you give your team remote control over product information management, they will be able to control the inventory in a more effective way. They will also not be forced to do it from one designated place, but they will improve their work by being able to operate from any chosen location. They will also do this at any time, because time does not limit the operation of PIM. Your customers will also feel the positive effects of using the solution. They will have no doubts about the information provided about the items sold in your store. So put on proven and modern solutions to raise the functioning of the company to an even higher level than before!

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