CRM systems – why is it worth to use them?

22.10.2019 Angelika Siczek
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The CRM system is an irreplaceable tool in the functioning of an online store. It enables a number of functions thanks to which it improves the work of the whole team. But above all, it allows you to understand your client, establish relationships with him and manage them effectively. What exactly is it, what does it offer and why should you use CRM? Advise.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, can be translated as Customer Relationship Management. Therefore, CRM systems are used to manage the experiences that you offer to your customers. What is this about?

The CRM system itself stores information about its contractors. These are usually personal data and contact details. The entire history of customer relationships is also recorded – live meetings, exchanged emails and other important events. All this is located in the designated place and is available to every authorized employee.

Which type of CRM system is worth using depends on the nature of your business. The more extensive the program, the more features it has to offer. Thanks to the rich version of CRM you can, among others take advantage of the sales funnel management option. However, if you choose the most basic system, you will certainly appreciate its operation. In marketing activities you can use it when creating advertising campaigns and acquiring leads. In turn, in the sales department thanks to CRM you can improve the conversion rate.

What is the proof of the effectiveness of CRM systems? Certainly satisfied e-commerce store owners who use them. However, tangible confirmation is research carried out by the Insight Technology Group. The results prove that enterprises that have successfully implemented CRM have recorded a 42% increase in revenues. Their selling costs fell by 35%. And the sales life cycle shortened by 25%.

In turn, the “CRM Industry User Research Report” carried out by Capterra indicates that among 500 randomly selected users of CRM as much as 39% confirmed the increase in tying sales after the introduction of the system.

These data prove that thanks to CRM, clients of companies are satisfied with service and willing to further cooperation. And, as a result, they come back to the store to take advantage of its offer.

What are the benefits of implementing a CRM system?

CRM systems are appreciated by all parties to the transaction. Regardless of the industry you deal with, whether these are services or the sale of specialized parts for construction machinery, a properly implemented customer relationship management program can significantly improve the company’s operation. Therefore, the most important benefits of implementing a CRM system are several areas of the company’s operation.

The CRM system ensures efficient customer service

The efficient customer service mentioned above is one of the most important advantages of using CRM, which should be mentioned. The old adage “Our Lord’s Customer” has not lost its relevance. This is exactly how sellers are still trying to reach customers for their services. Each of them has, after all, requirements and needs. Most often, customers want fast order processing, assistance in making decisions and trouble-free post-purchase service, i.e. the realization of any returns.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to meet all these expectations. Sometimes it turns out that the customer service department encounters various problems and as a result does not guarantee trouble-free service. Sometimes this happens because of a lack of detailed knowledge about the client and his habits.

Fortunately, CRM solutions make the situation much simpler. The history of contacts with the client and analysis of the collected data streamline the process of all service. Thanks to this, we can get to know the customer better and meet his expectations. What’s more, we can establish a relationship with him that will pay off in the future. After the sale, you can ask the customer to provide feedback. You also have the opportunity to contact him after the scheduled time or offer him another product from your range.

An important factor in customer service is not only acquiring new ones, but also taking care of the loyalty of those already present. Unfortunately, it turns out that buyers often give up shopping in stores where they do not feel properly cared for. Thanks to the CRM system, you won’t let this happen. It has the right customer service procedures, so it’ll take care of everyone who comes to you.

CRM tools allow you to conduct sales analyzes

When running an e-commerce business, it is impossible to ignore the sales analysis, which is extremely important in calculating profits. You certainly do it with the tools available. However, it is worth considering that having a CRM system, verification is much easier.

Before reviewing the data, you can ask yourself different questions – e.g. “How many contacts more or less does lead require to convert?” Based on such data, you will refine your sales method and identify any errors.

Thanks to CRM you also have the opportunity to analyze your sales opportunities and carry out other extensive analyzes.

The CRM system offers convenient contact management

Is your company growing? So this means that you are expanding your customer base. You certainly need more procedures and standards of conduct to maintain consistency and order. The CRM system allows you to store all data in one place. What’s more, you can always manage them in the same way to easily find them.

So if you need to clearly set out the path of customer service, determine how many people are to be involved in its service, determine who and at what stage should join the course of the transaction, you will do it using CRM tools. Why do you need it?

Remember what annoys you while browsing your mail. It is primarily receiving the same email several times. Similarly, your recipients have it. If your prospect receives an offer email from several of your sellers, he won’t be happy. If the service department contacts him twice in connection with the same matter, it will also be far from professional. If you want to be valued by your customers, you must demonstrate high quality of service and service.

So let’s focus on CRM and exchange information in the company through the program. In this way you will avoid clutter and misinformation among employees. And you will also ensure that each of them receives relevant information.

Implementation of the CRM system

Each implementation of new software is a change in the status quo in the functioning of the company. Employees who are used to certain patterns of activity may feel uncertain about the planned novelty. It is worth remembering, however, that not every change has to be difficult. All you need to do is prepare yourself properly and, above all, inform your team about the benefits of implementing a new tool. It is also important to mitigate the resistance of employees by emphasizing that the system is also for them, and its task is not to liquidate positions or change the scope of activities of individual employees.

CRM systems definitely facilitate the work of all people who have contact with them. This is confirmed by research carried out by the Capterra website. They show that as many as 71% of employees show satisfaction after the introduction of the CRM system despite their initial reservations.

In addition, it is important to develop business and improve work, which is why it is worth focusing on innovative solutions. CRM systems are important tools for enterprises that allow you to scale marketing and sales activities. It is thanks to them that high quality customer service is obtained. And a satisfied customer means more profit for the company!

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