ECommerce trends 2022: what lies ahead?

28.01.2022 Kornel Kosoń
ecommerce trends 2022 what lies ahead

ECommerce is still characterised by a high growth rate. Increased competition and the desire to attract new customers mean that many innovations quickly enter the mainstream. This means rapid development of online shops and more and more interesting proposals for customers. What could be important in 2022?

What trends are the specialists betting on?

Most experts agree on the predictions for this year, which see an increasing focus on customer acquisition and encouraging customers to buy. New possibilities to search and check the products one wants to buy, as well as product personalisation should become more and more common. Fast delivery and getting out to the customer with advertising will also be highly visible.

Pay at a later date

A deferred payment has already appeared on many sales platforms. It is a new solution that should develop this year. Most often it concerns postponing the payment by 30 days, but the offer of the payment in instalments also appears in the package.

Search by image

Searching by name is no longer enough. More and more often, the ability to find a product with the use of an image will be available. This is certainly useful when a customer may not associate the name of a given item or many local names are used.

Thanks to a machine learning algorithm, search engines will analyse the item visible in the image and suggest the most similar search results.

Social Media

Sales via social media will continue to grow. Will there be a new social media platform to promote your products in 2022? It is quite possible. Other social networks are also evolving and offering new opportunities. There has been a ‘Shop’ tab in operation on Instagram for two years. Facebook and Pinterest also have special options for eCommerce.

Live eCommerce

Social networks are not only a good sales platform. It also works perfectly as an advertising medium. A combination of both is live eCommerce. Started in Asia, it quickly found its way to the American and European markets. It consists in the sale of products by stars and celebrities during live broadcasts. This solution in 2022 it may become highly popular.


Subscriptions are nothing new. Websites with films, music or e-books are based on this model. However, in the coming months, the subscription system may expand into completely new industries, which have not been associated with it so far. Buying cosmetics, cleaning agents or food at regular intervals based on the monthly payments is very real. In particular, when more and more people are working remotely and cannot do the shopping on their way home.


Quick shopping is another convenience for customers with guaranteed delivery even in a few hours. Quick Commerce is a fast shopping and instant delivery service that is particularly attractive in the local markets. Such a service enables you to purchase food without leaving your home.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality and the possibilities which it offers have long been noticed in the sales market. Virtual fitting rooms are to grow ever more quickly. In this way, everyone will be able to try on new apparel, jewellery or other accessories on their own photo or 3D model.


Product personalisation makes it possible to create unique and special items for yourself or friends as gifts. Digital technologies have made unit production cheaper and cheaper and the realisation of individual orders has become more accessible. 


Ecological aspects are moving faster and faster into general awareness. They can also translate into eCommerce. Buying second-hand is already becoming more and more popular. Not such a long time ago, everyone wanted to own only brand-new products. Today, more people are boasting about supporting the idea of “zero waste”. Eco commerce will become increasingly popular in the near future.

The year 2022 in eCommerce

Forecasted trends indicate that more and more purchases will be made from home via the Internet. On the one hand, this is influenced by the global situation, remote working and convenience. On the other hand, the increasing opportunities have an impact on it. Purchasing food with a delivery on the same day and virtual changing rooms in clothing shops should strongly influence the amount of on-line shopping.

The growing integration of e-commerce with social networks, the ability to defer payment and to subscribe to buy more and more products will all contribute to customer loyalty to such forms of shopping and to the specific shops.

The most important thing, however, is that it is extremely easy to implement new solutions when selling on-line. Ideas are quickly implemented by competing shops. Therefore, e-commerce tends to be unpredictable and every day it can surprise us with a completely new trend. 

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