Effective omnichannel implementation

25.07.2019 Angelika Siczek
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Omnichannel are promotional activities carried out in various e-commerce channels. Therefore, they concern paid advertising campaigns, promotions in social media, updating offers in newsletters, writing content on the website and blog, communication carried out in mobile applications and in all other channels used by the online store.


In these activities, personalization of marketing content is the most important. They should be created in this way, regardless of where they are distributed, because it is a great way to increase user engagement and thus increase the conversion rate. And also a way to build the image of an expert in the company, which is then perceived as the one who “knows his stuff”. How to introduce omnichannel into your business?


Omnichannel implementation


Omnichannel implementation


Follow your customer online and offline

Did you know that only 4% of people enter the stationary store just to look around? They do not intend to browse any specific products. However, as many as 55% of customers entering the same store know exactly what they want to buy (ShopperTrak, 2017). Where is this certainty from them? Because before they came to the store, they watched the products on the internet. So if you have good communication in each of your channels, you can be sure that you have reached a customer who will be happy to make purchases from you. Because offline marketing communication directly affects online and vice versa.


Encourage the customer to buy, offering modern solutions

What is the thing that is lacking for customers in the stationary store when they come to purchase a previously viewed product? First of all, precise information provided to them by the sellers. The ShopperTrak survey shows that over a quarter of respondents would like the retailers to have tablets where they could check the availability of the sought goods or find it through comparison with the online offer. It turns out that many people leave the store before shopping because of too slow service and difficulties caused by the inability to find a specific product. So if you care about modern and efficient customer service, you can try to go with progress and put on a very modern and personalized customer service.


Take care of the service after making the purchase

Do you have returns? If you work in the trade, you will definitely meet with them. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they take place in comfortable conditions for the client. Where to start? From clearly establishing a refund policy. This is extremely important because as many as 92% of respondents believe that return rules are a significant factor when making purchase decisions (Lightspeed, 2018). So, if you clearly determine how the return looks like and when they can be made, customers will be more willing to shop with you. Remember, of course, to state the rules of return and display information about it in your communication channels with the client.


However, not only returns are important after shopping. Remember that a satisfied customer will recommend your store to your friends. So let’s take care of all kinds of promotions – for example, get a discount on your next purchases in exchange for showing off your new purchase in social media. Also consider such channels as e-mail, mobile application or telephone. There you can conduct further communication with your recipient by sending him a newsletter, an SMS with promotions or by presenting a special offer via telephone. Remember to ensure consistent communication in all channels. In this way, you provide the customer a professional service regardless of the place.


Remember the alternative to trading on Sundays

Do you run a stationary store and, despite the fact that you have an excellent deal on the weekend, it only applies to a few weekends a year due to the ban on Sunday trading in some countries? Give your customers an additional option. In this case, the omnichannel solution is the online store, which with its appearance and customer service will encourage potential buyers to weekend visits. Thanks to this solution you will not be losing, because it is on Sunday that we are much more willing to do online shopping.


What are the advantages of the omnichannel strategy?

If you implement omnichannel in your industry, you will provide the customer with excellent service at every level of communication. Thanks to this, you will profit from marketing activities and increase the effectiveness of your promotions due to personalized messages that reach more people. They will translate into more interest in your brand, increased engagement and the number of conversions. Omnichannel will also provide you with loyal customers who, when contacting you, will know that regardless of the way they choose, you will serve them in the same professional way. So let’s bet on omnichannel? Yes, especially that such action brings really substantial profits in the long run.

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