ERP integration with eCommerce platform

28.05.2019 Angelika Siczek
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 A good ERP system is the backbone of your company. It is able to connect and integrate all of the most important points of the company’s body. If the integration process is carried out appropriately, the benefits will be huge. So what should you remember when conducting the integration between ERP and the e-commerce platform?

What is the reality of system integration?

Although the initial costs may seem high, integration of the ERP system with the sales platform will certainly bring results in the future. In the long run, for example, the automation of data archiving and unification is not only a huge facilitation in running a growing company, but also a great time saving. This integration will bring all data to one place and make your work easier. It will also enable better organisation of tasks and general management of office matters. By choosing ERP integration with the e-commerce platform, you enable information exchange between systems without human participation. This means smaller chance of mistake and more time for you and your employees for more important and creative tasks.

What are the advantages of ERP Integration with eCommerce platform?

Data entry and management

Data from the ERP system are available immediately. This results in a better communication with customers, which leads to more permanent buyers and more sales. For the customer, this means greater transparency of the company in which he purchases. You can send data about the goods immediately and automatically at the customer’s request. It is a convenient solution for both sides.

Directory management

ERP can store huge amounts of product information. Some may be basic, such as product names, descriptions, SKU, price, dimensions, quantity. But such simple data removes the obligation to implement them on your own from your shoulders. ERP should match your needs, not the other way around. You can create attribute sets specifically for your industry.

Complicated pricing models

The price is defined in ERP. The system will take into account seasonal price changes, discounts for a specific group of customers, and even change the price for a specific promotion period. This information will be sent straight to your e-commerce website. For you it means comfort connected with the lack of the obligation to constantly edit prices.

Invoices and reports

If the ERP system integrated with the e-commerce platform has all the data of your assortment, why could not it also deal with invoicing? Once entered, data will be managed by ERP not only as part of online sales, but also as part of accounting settlements at the back of the store. It also excludes the risk of making an error when invoicing or preparing a report.

Tips facilitating the decision

Magento has provided advice on choosing the right ERP system that will suit your business model.

We prompt

If you decide to integrate, find the right software company that not only implements the system, but also adapts it to your needs. Make sure that they are the official partner of the product developers that they offer, and that they have relevant experience. The choice of the integrator is as important as the integration decision itself, because there is a risk of unsuccessful implementation.

Make sure that the chosen company will work with the developers of your e-commerce platform during integration. There is a high probability that one of the sides will have to make modifications in their system so that they can cooperate without any problems. This cooperation must run smoothly so that it ensures trouble-free operation for the future.

The most important thing is that integration should be carried out as its name suggests – in a spirit of cooperation. The ERP system working with the e-commerce platform is a way to grow your business by reducing errors, better User Experience and a higher conversion rate. The more processes you automate and personalize, the more time and money you will gain to improve the store, instead of running it. A properly implemented implementation will bring visible results already after half a year. If you are still hesitating, contact the specialists and discuss the details of the integration. First-hand knowledge will surely calm you that it is not as complex as it looks, and the profit can be huge.

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