How to efficiently increase the client’s loyalty in e-commerce?

20.08.2019 Angelika Siczek
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We live in an age in which digitisation is so common that it has taken over virtually all aspects of our lives. First of all, shopping. Access to the Internet allows you to make a complete overview of your product group within a few hours. Such an approach is characterised by the so-called smart shoppers. They are customers that are well-oriented, determined for a specific product and looking for the best offer.

Smart shopper’s methods

There are many tools on the web that make life easier for an informed consumer. He or she use the price comparison site, which not only does what the name says, but also has product ratings, reviews and internet or stationary addresses of stores where it is cheaper.

Then, no matter how good the offer was, the customer will find additional discount coupons. Appropriate applications are also used for this. Those that scan the network in search of coupons recently entered by other consumers to prompt the one with the biggest discount. This is not a stingy customer! Only those who want to get the best possible offer, not necessarily the cheapest one.

Attachment of a smart shopper

The smart shopper methods themselves mean little attachment to a specific brand. Yes, he can have his favorite stores and services with whom he has good experience of successful transactions, but in general it is more important to be aware of winning the best offer. This arouses anxiety among e-commerce business owners, because it is very much about regular customers.

So what to do to raise the conscious customer’s loyalty? Naturally, use his own motives and present the best offer. Loyalty programs not only attach the consumer to the brand, but also create an impression (and provide in fact) of the best opportunity.

Ways to gain customer loyalty

The loyalty program is a good solution. It may seem that the smaller profit resulting from the reduced final price is not worth the effort. However, just accept that instead of making individual purchases at a normal price, the customer, encouraged by a loyalty program giving him a discount, will come back to our store. Then the profit levels out or even grows. And there is a high chance that together with a well-designed website, which shortens and facilitates the purchasing process, the customer will come back more than once.

The loyalty program tempting with discounts given in per cent may not be enough. The general impression of the customer after shopping in our store is important. The internet buyer uses this medium for a specific reason. This involves a small effort. It’s about low physical engagement, because online shopping is just a few clicks away. A small emotional effort concerns the lack of reasons to worry about the method of delivery, because the package will come alone to the door. This form of shopping is also less tiring due to the short time of submission and execution of the order.

What to do to not tire the customer?

First of all, the steps to make the transaction must be simplified and shortened to a minimum. Provide payment options, various delivery options, allow payment without creating an account (the customer in the loyalty program will still be shopping after logging in to make sure the discounts accrue) and ensure the overall efficient navigation in the virtual inventory review.

We take into account the ideal situation when a simple line is selected from the product to be finalised. What if there are questions or concerns about the item or any of the shopping stages? Please contact the Customer Service Department. This is the moment when an e-commerce store needs to show. Because, due to its nature, it can not talk face to face, it is necessary to provide an appropriate contact system that will not discourage the consumer from further shopping.

Features of good customer service

Online contact is mainly associated with long waiting times. It does not make a lot of sense to make purchases online, if they are to be extended to several days by waiting for a response. This frustration can cause several more unfriendly messages that will only make it difficult to quickly dig through the inbox.

The helpline should operate in an automated way, but also in a thoughtful way. Waiting for the connection is enough for the client to be impatient and to repeat the same information over and over again, which has already been given, for example during the creation of an account, is an unnecessary testing of the perseverance of the interlocutor. Identification of the calling customer will settle this matter. The same applies to switching to another consultant, which should be kept to a minimum. It not only extends the time of obtaining information, but also forces the consumer to constantly repeat the reason with which he contacts. Even worse, if it goes into a blind journey from a consultant to a consultant, during which a given interaction gets lost and the client ultimately does not get an answer.

The systems we use are equally important. Complicated chatbots or contact forms will discourage the person who came to our store for quick online shopping. Do not require unnecessary information or prematurely selecting the subject of the conversation if there is no need to do so. The level of sophistication and complexity of the customer communication system should be matched to the expansion and sales scope of your store.

Above all, think twice and get to know your client. If you have an online store, there is a good chance that your potential client requires simplicity, speed, transparency and good offer. Do what you can to ensure it and everything you can to keep him from going away, and the customer will certainly come back with the experience of a good and pleasant transaction. A loyal customer is one who returns to you because he wants it, despite the existing competition.

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