Integration of IT systems

17.09.2019 Angelika Siczek
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Conducting e-commerce activities is not possible without appropriate IT systems. IT solutions are used to support many processes, e.g. in the sales industry. From ordering an assortment, through handling product information, the ordering process to shipping and noting stock status. Therefore, IT systems determine the way the entire company functions. However, there is often a need to integrate IT systems so that they can work together rather than as programs that are completely independent of each other.

This situation occurs especially in companies in which separate systems are used to support the purchasing process, customers, resource management and accounting services. Each of them has separate functions and different properties, so it is difficult to include them in one software. Fortunately, there is a process of integration of many IT systems that resolves the problem. Due to this operation, completely different systems can communicate and cooperate effectively. Although they differ in their purpose, they often use the same data and, above all, the same devices. So there are no obstacles to connect them together. How to do this type of IT system integration? See what to look for.

Check when you should integrate IT systems

Even if you don’t run a large company with several separate departments, you probably use several software at the same time. After all, the size of your company is not important, but its profile and business complexity. Are you a retailer or wholesaler? In both cases, integration is necessary.

Systems integration is carried out when you want to integrate all different IT solutions. Thanks to such action you can, among others improve communication between individual departments of the company or ensure quick and easy data exchange between your various systems. So if you want to efficiently transfer data by your employees or you need to have easy access to information about your products, focus on integration. Similarly in the case of introducing new IT solutions. Regardless of its purpose, if you decide to buy new software to work properly with other systems, you should integrate. Thanks to it you will have more economical solutions because it reduces the costs of maintaining many different systems. In addition, it saves time switching between programs and searching for information on various systems.

What exactly does IT systems integration offer?

First of all, it ensures data consistency, e.g. about customer data. They do not need to be reproduced in numerous systems. Thanks to this, mistakes are avoided, e.g. typos in the customer’s name or an out-of-date shipping address. Integration also provides convenience in using data. They are entered and edited in one system and then updated in the other. In addition, it is possible to use the same data for different purposes, e.g. to construct reports and reports, and to process the order. The previously mentioned communication is also important. The integration offers the possibility of transferring all information between employees of the company. One department can therefore easily share data with another department.

What does IT systems integration look like?

It is worth noting that the integration of systems alone is not always an easy process. Not all separate IT solutions are suitably adapted to quickly connect them with others. Programming services sometimes require really complex activities that must be carried out by professionals. So everything depends on the type of your software. Therefore, before you get on with the integration itself, look carefully at everything you already have.

What exactly is IT system integration? It is primarily to create a connection between separate systems. The benefits of doing so should outweigh the benefits of having separate solutions. It must be more cost effective in many ways, not just financial. So this general explanation allows you to decide whether to integrate in your company.

Which integration process is the easiest? First of all, one that combines various open source software – open source. APIs are also relatively easy for programmers. It definitely facilitates the integration process. However, if your software looks different, it doesn’t mean you can’t integrate it. It turns out that it is hard to find a system that is not suitable for it. Most of them show integration possibilities with other IT programs. This requires more experience, work input and the allocation of more funds, but the effect is usually satisfactory.

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