Omnichannel – how to prepare for implementing

27.08.2019 Angelika Siczek
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Omnichannel is essential for effective business operations. You should be aware of this when your business is using only one channel. If it is the case, you should consider taking a step and going with the times. How to prepare for such action, when the implementation of omnichannel seems a real revolution?

How to start implementing omnichannel?

In order to successfully implement new solutions in your company, in the beginning you need to focus on the appropriate preparation. Start with collecting the documentation and all other necessary data regarding sales in all channels that you own. Thanks to this you will learn what you need to improve and what to work on. Then review the purchase process of your client. Look carefully at the steps taken by him in every place of his sale. Particular attention should be paid to Internet channels where you can trace your clients’ movements with great precision. Also try to determine what values ​​are important for your recipients – what they value, what they expect and what they care for. You can do this by talking to several clients, by conducting a social media survey on your company profile or other convenient location. It is also worth focusing on qualitative research in the form of focus groups. During them, you can get the most important information about your brand.

When preparing for changes, you should also remember to prepare the entire company for innovation. Take care of appropriate employee training, technological and substantive support. Remember also about a good communication, because it is the basis for the success of the process. And also to prepare a list of implemented changes and documentation of the entire undertaking. It will help you solve your problems and fix any mistakes.

What you should not do when implementing the omnichannel strategy?

Remember that to make changes, you must be fully convinced of them. Similarly with the management of the company, if you are only the originator. People like to be prepared for new situations and know what to expect. If they are properly informed and the changes are supported by sensible argumentation, they will be willing to apply themselves to them. If they are not aware of changes, they may show resistance and sometimes even sabotage your actions.

How to not let this happen? First of all, before starting the whole process, organize a meeting during which you will explain why changes are necessary. You can carry them out both with employees and with your clients. During these types of meetings, always ask questions about the needs, requirements and problems faced by two parties. Thanks to this, you will understand their point of view better, adapt to it and find valuable tips for yourself that will facilitate the change process.

Use the PIM and ERP solutions

What is the PIM system? It will help you manage your product information online. Thanks to it, you will simplify database management and you will have access to all the product information you need when implementing an omnichannel strategy. In addition, your clients will benefit from the PIM introduction who will gain access to the information they need about your assortment – in the application, in the catalog or on the website and in other sales points. This will minimize the risk of returns and incorrect subtraction of purchase decisions, as well as increase the standard of service for your store.

In turn, the ERP system will support the fulfillment of orders when you have already implemented your omnichannel strategy. It will help you in completing a particular transaction, regardless of its source. Thanks to it, you will reduce labor costs, improve its organization, increase the security of processed data and maximize the effectiveness of management of the entire company and processes.

What else is important when implementing omnichannel?

Of course, your proper preparation. Apart from formal issues, your motivation, focus on the goal and acquired competences are also important. Therefore, one should properly apply to the work in order to achieve the assumed effects. Certainly analytical, communication and change management skills in the organization will help you. In addition, the ability to coordinate team activities and ease of decision making. Consequence and persistence are also important regardless of the adversities that appear.

When introducing all kinds of changes, support is irreplaceable. Therefore, when implementing the omnichannel, it is worth among the employees to find someone who will help you and supervise some of the ongoing processes. You can also designate people who will promote the upcoming changes. Thanks to this, they will get involved in the action and their motivation to infect others will be higher.

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