Online store functional model

15.10.2013 Angelika Siczek

Functional model of the project contains the beginning and the basic step of any further activities.  Many e-commerce companies has faced with the fact, that Clients do not require such a project, tough. Most of the Clients claim that creating the model provides additional and unnecessary costs which may be discarded from the pricelist.  Below You can see an example of functional model which Global4Net company has prepared for one of Our Customers.

online store functional model

How to understand the model?

Every project begins with Brief which aims to precise the Customer’s needs and vision. Every Client carries some sort of idea which is understand to be created.  The process of creating the project begins with drafts which generates ideas. Functional model contains such a draft which bases on visualized placing of any elements. By this both Client and the company may begin to work on any findings on the basis of which the store may appear.

Now everyone can easily go through reading the model as stable graphics do not always seems clear enough. The model looks like a special code which is required to be read. The basic element is “placeholder” which has a form of double-crossed empty square. Placeholder  is made as to introduce width and placing of any pictures, banners, graphics, videos, etc. Hence, this introduces an area which will be adapted with specified element described by the title.

Additional element is simplicity as every model looks bland and non-colorful. Model must look clear enough as the graphic projects contains a state of implementing pictures and colors.

Next- model usually introduces a special Latin text beginning with “Lorem ipsum”. This part is made to replace future texts provided by the Client.


Functional models aims to achieve quick conceptions verification.  Both Client and the company carries different ideas, nevertheless, the most significant aim is to create the store just as the customer wishes to do so. Creating one model replaces and removes unnecessary misunderstood as everything is introduced clearly enough. Additionally, the model simplifies the communication as the company is not obligated to run any branch vocabulary or work on explaining everything in different words. One graphic solves the issue.

It is worth remembering that the model must be retail discussed as wrong findings may provide a paradox which will extend instead of accelerate the work.

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