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17.11.2020 Angelika Siczek
pimcore personalisation options

As people, we are different from each other. Each of us often has different preferences, needs and likes than the other person. However, often, based on various criteria, we create groups of people with similar interests, views and preferences. Exactly such parameters must be taken into account by online sellers who want to reach the right audience and meet their expectations best. How to be successful in the best matching of products to a given customer?


What does Pimcore offer?

Pimcore is here to help. It’s a tool that offers great opportunities for behavioral targeting and personalization. Thanks to it, you are able to create a profile of your potential customers and an accurate profile of recipients who have already had contact with your company. Based on this type of interaction, you can therefore display relevant and personalized content to the user. You will also do it to the selected user segment. All of this is needed to influence the positive customer experience in contact with your brand, as well as to increase conversion, i.e. sales and profits. It turns out that as many as 95% of companies record an increase in the rate after personalizing the digital experiences they offer.


Profiling visitors, potential customers and customers of your store

As you know, not every person entering the store’s website is a customer right away. Therefore, we can assign appropriate users to various actions taken – people who only view the website, i.e. visitors. Potential customers, i.e. people who may be interested in your products, and customers – users who have already made a purchase in your e-store.


Thanks to Pimcore, you are able to match the appropriate offers to a given segment of people. To see the possibility of this type of Pimcore personalization, check out our example, which shows a fictitious old car dealer. The marketing department functioning in it divides all customers into groups based on their interest in luxury, economy or sports cars. The division is also made into new, regular or VIP customers. There are six segments in total. Therefore, different content is directed to each of them. This is a good example of how you can approach customers in your business.


How does Pimcore work?

Pimcore Backend provides a pleasant and easy-to-use administrator interface, which is used to define rules and assign target groups based on profiling, behavior and characteristics of recipients. There are also many rules for choosing a location, the type of device used by the potential recipient, the number of visits to the website, and many other important parameters.


Full personalization of digital experiences

To create the right experience for your store, you first need to define personalized content for each of your target groups. Then let Pimcore do its magic! Because thanks to it you will achieve the desired effect – and in fact – everything is done thanks to the personalization engine, which identifies and then assigns the customer to a given target group in real time.


What will you gain by using Pimcore?

You’ll show custom content for each audience you set.


You will send personalized emails based on the behavior and interests of individual users.


You will personalize search results and product announcements not only based on behavior such as order history, interest in specific brands or favorite color, but even taking into account the behavior of similar audiences.


You will increase the scale of customer-oriented personalization, thus ensuring smooth and hassle-free customer service across all sales channels.


As you can see, Pimcore can really change running your sales platform. By using this tool, you will acquire new customers and increase the loyalty of those already present. If you want to know more about this tool and its implementation, please contact us! We are happy to answer all your questions.

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