Top 5 marketing automation tools

25.11.2022 Angelika Siczek
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It is increasingly difficult today for even the smallest local business not to operate online. The way in which a brand is promoted, regardless of the scale of its operation, is even forced by current trends, lifestyles, social behavior. And these are reflected online, going further, in social media, in the way people search for the products or services they are looking for in a search engine and confirm the quality of the brand. Values such as trust, credibility, expertise count. How do you effectively reach users with values that represent the brand? Great potential lies in marketing automation. Let’s see, what is marketing automation, and what tools do we have at our disposal?

Marketing automation – what is it and why should you use it?

MA, or marketing automation, is a system for marketing automation, it might as well be a marketing process automation system. The entire system consists of a fairly large array of tools that combine to form a single whole. Among other things, the solutions used in MA are designed to collect data that concerns the audience. On the foundation of the collected data it is possible to conduct personalized marketing communications in various channels.

What data is collected by the MA system:

  •  Transaction data – such as placing an order,
  • Behavioral data – this refers to user activity on the site, clicking on a link, video content,
  • Features about the user relating to name, residence or location, e-mail,
  • consent to the processing of personal data.


Marketing automation, as an advanced system for contacting audiences, uses various communication channels that lead to company-user (customer) interactions. The brand can communicate with the user using emails, text messages, web push notifications, mobile push, social media, including messenger, or instant messaging, such as Whatsapp.

It is worth bearing in mind that marketing automation is a very flexible tool and is applicable to almost any industry.

Top 5 marketing automation tools

There is no shortage of tools on the market for comprehensive automation management. It’s worth taking a look at a few marketing automation platforms a little closer.

1. GetResponse

This is a tool that effectively automates email marketing. Here we have the possibility to create mailing campaigns with different objectives. The solution falls within the phenomenon of inbound marketing (including sending expert content in the form of a newsletter or free e-book) and also provides a whole range of functions that improve sales processes. We can create special rules to inform the customer about an abandoned shopping cart, an unfinished transaction, or use advanced personalization to create automated email marketing campaigns. Here we also have access to precise data relating to customers and their behavior, and we have the ability to segment them, which ultimately allows us to create customized campaigns. GetResponse is also not short of tools that make it easy to create conversion funnels, web-push notifications, landing pages or webinars.

2. Sales Manago

In this system, we have enabled behavioral profiling of users. This is to allow us to better understand their expectations. Having such an opportunity, we can positively surprise customers by presenting an offer that will be precisely tailored to their needs. Sales Manago also provides a tool that allows us to personalize the website in real time, which means that we can tailor it to the individual user. The purpose of taking such actions is to generate sales leads. However, these are not all the capabilities of the MA system offered by Sales Manago. We also have functions available here that allow us to automate customer-company communication by running mass campaigns or displaying personalized content wherever the user encounters the brand.

3. Synerise

Synerise is a tool that will particularly benefit larger players with sales in both online and offline spaces, who have larger budgets. Marketing automation using Synerise allows you to take advantage of all the tools that allow you to run marketing campaigns using web-push notifications, email, sms, RTB, dynamic content or landing page. What’s more, we also get access to ROI verification or the ability to connect to any external system. We also get real-time user value calculations.


This system is perfect when you want to track user traffic on the site and segment them (primarily by their behavior). With you will be able to build effective communication with the customer thanks to the fact that the system recognizes where the user is in the sales funnel. Here I have access to features such as sms, email and call center communication, as well as web-push notifications.

5. HubSpot

It is a system from this space of marketing automation platforms, in which inbound marketing plays a special role. Here we have access to a free CRM system, as well as tools like email marketing, live chat, CMS, SEO, and social media monitoring. We can also use a tool that automatically adjusts the content on the LP (landing page) according to who is visiting such a page.


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