What does a React Developer do?

04.02.2022 Oliwia
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Nowadays, the growing trend of using browser-based applications translates into the growing importance of front-end developers who use React technology. Consequently, you may also notice the growing importance of front-end developers using React. The number of organizations that are looking for specialists who can use it is also expanding. The reason is simple – it includes Facebook’s use of this JavaScript library. Large, international companies that create applications using ReactJS include for example: Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Uber and WhatsApp.

What exactly does React Developer do?

ReactJS developers are responsible for designing and implementing user interface components for web applications. JavaScript is used to create them and React itself is open source. Programmers work on individual elements of the application development process, starting from cooperation on its conception, through implementation of its functionality and finishing with corrections submitted by the testing team. For this reason, the ability to work in a team is required. You have to constantly collaborate with testers, designers and project managers. Such work allows you to build well-structured and working applications.

What skills should a React Developer have?

Organisations have specific requirements for each front-end specialist.

React Developers should have skills such as:

  • developing mobile applications using JS, CSS and HTML5,
  • fluent knowledge of ReactJS,
  • reading business documentation and implementing functionality based on it,
  • using graphic design to create templates,
  • preparing technical documentation. 

Working on code is of course not everything. A React Developer should set long-term optimization trends for the application. In the course of their work, they will be involved in assessing what the software development needs are.

Development of mobile applications

The next step of getting familiar with React can be learning React Native. With this technology, the code you create allows you to release applications for both iOS and Android mobile devices. This still intensively developed tool is perfect for creating simpler cross-platform applications. You can use rich mobile user interface libraries, as well as native components. Additionally, in the case of iOS, you can use classes created in Swift or Objective-C, and in the case of Android – in Java.

Ability to work with HTML and CSS

Every front-end web developer needs to be able to create a user interface. For this reason, knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential. The same is expected of React Developers.

HTML5, or CSS skills that are essential include: 

  • working with CSS selectors,
  • writing semantic HTML tags,
  • knowledge of Flexbox layout,
  • knowledge of the principles of responsiveness. 

Knowing HTML and DOM, you will soon be able to learn to use JSX as well, which is used in the React ecosystem. 

Basic JavaScript skills

Key skills for a React Developer include those related to JavaScript. This applies especially to ECMAScript or TypeScript. The essential competencies of a Front-end React Developer in JavaScript include:

  • arrow functions,
  • using the DOM to create and modify HTML elements, as well as their attributes. 

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What do you need to know about React?

Every React Developer needs to be familiar with JavaScript. Of course, you also need to understand that knowing JS is very important. However, ReactJS has its own documentation and specifics.

The most important skills that a front-end developer must have include:

  • ability to create and maintain components,
  • knowledge of useMemo and useCallback and hooks in general,
  • optimisation of application rendering,
  • creating structured JSX elements.

 The specific requirements for what a React Developer should be able to know directly depend on the expectations of the particular organisation.

Why is the use of ReactJS growing in popularity?

The interest in React Developers is increasing due to the possibilities this JavaScript library offers. First of all, it can be used with a combination of other libraries. It also provides the ability to create large web applications where data can be changed without reloading the page.

React is also used to:

  • creating user interface components,
  • handling the view layer for the application,
  • building a user interface for single-page applications.

At the same time, React is friendly to people who would like to learn it. This makes a big difference in terms of the time you need to spend learning the skills.

The most important features of ReactJS include:

  • simplicity,
  • declarativeness,
  • speed,
  • extensibility.

It is these features that make this JavaScript library increasingly popular with organisations, and specialists with the ability to use it are increasingly in demand. For this reason, investing the time to learn ReactJS can be worthwhile. Trends indicate that React developers will be increasingly sought after in the developer market.

If you think being a React Developer is for you, you can browse our careers page and see if you can find an offer that’s right for you.

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