What does an e-commerce manager do?

04.07.2019 Angelika Siczek

E-commerce manager, online store manager, e-commerce coordinator, or e-commerce team leader – we would be surprised by the name of the workplace a dozen or so years ago. Today, however, no one is surprised by the demand for this type of employee. In the era of rapid development of online trade, the presence of specialists who are familiar with the industry is indispensable. Online sales have changed over the last few years – from purchasing unique and hard-to-reach products in stationery stores, we have gone on to buy basic necessities with delivery to our homes. Therefore, the e-commerce industry is constantly growing and the demand for qualified personnel is growing. What is the e-commerce manager’s job and why is it needed in the company?

ecommerce manager

Who is the e-commerce manager?

Online transactions take place via any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, as well as desktop computers and laptops. When shopping, the customer has to use the store’s website. However, the right person must be behind the entire sales process. This is the e-commerce manager, who is often responsible for the sales department and for the company’s image and marketing activities. His function is not at all the easiest. It requires specialist knowledge and numerous soft and hard skills.

As an online sales manager, you are responsible for coordinating the processes of distribution of services and products via the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out business analysis of the market, control the liquidity of sales, take care of good relations with the client, communicate with other specialists, and sometimes also supervise other employees. Oftentimes, an experienced online commerce specialist conducts training for people who open their own e-commerce business or want to train their employees. In summary, the e-commerce manager is responsible for sales, PR, and marketing activities, and often due to its versatility, also acts as a spokesman in the company.

Tasks of e-commerce manager

What exactly does the e-commerce manager work on and what skills are needed to perform this function?

An online marketing specialist must be a person who can quickly learn and adapt flexibly to changes. He should also have interdisciplinary knowledge. To know the issues in the field of marketing, advertising, graphics, programming, and sales, because it has many different tasks. E-commerce managers must be characterized by high communication skills, independence, and initiative in action, but also have the ability to work in a team.

Among the tasks of the person responsible for coordinating online trading are primarily:

– Conducting market analyses, researching and identifying the target group, and directing the product offer to it, so that sales increase.

– Updating the product offer and looking for new outlets.

– Conducting data analysis and monitoring of changes taking place using the available analytical tools (paying attention to the most important data – conversion, impressions, time spent on the site, abandoning the basket, etc.).

– Conducting online marketing activities, including servicing Adwords campaigns, monitoring and improving SEO activities, taking care of company social profiles, and other content marketing activities, such as blogs, newsletters, e-mail campaigns, or company presence on internet forums.

– Cooperation with all departments and specialists responsible for the efficient operation of the online store – for example with programmers, UX designers, graphic designers, purchasing agents, and management. Because only through joint action can you guarantee customers comfortable and secure shopping.

– Managing other people responsible for online sales – controlling if everything goes according to the goals and guidelines.

– Gaining new customers and taking care of their needs, listening to their feedback, and encouraging them to shop again in the online store.

– Watching and supervising the company’s budget to ensure its financial liquidity.

How to become an e-commerce manager?

Due to the rapid development of e-commerce, there are more and more universities offering special education in this area. When undertaking economics, management, or even programming, you can choose an e-commerce specialization path. From product management, through process control, to managing the sales team and other opportunities offered. A good professional basis for the e-commerce leader is all economic trends related to image creation, branding, and content marketing, but also psychology and sociology with business elements.

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