What is a dedicated software?

12.11.2019 Angelika Siczek
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When arranging a company, personalizing a car or arranging an apartment, we usually look for things tailored to our individual needs. So it happens that we choose size of the furniture, or choose a special upholstery. Why are we doing this? Because we believe that tailor-made products will better meet our expectations than ready-made products that are available to everyone. So why not do the same with software in our business? Check what dedicated software is and when it is worth investing in it.

Dedicated software – what is it?

If you work with ready-made software on a daily basis, you probably see many missing functions that you would certainly use in the specifics of your work. Sometimes these are small details, but sometimes they can be complex functions that would definitely make your work easier. Unfortunately, the developers of the program were not able to 100% predict your highly individualized needs and tried to create a tool that will meet the expectations of the majority. So if you care about a program tailored to you, pay attention to dedicated software.

What is it It can be said that it is a tailor-made IT system in accordance with the customer’s personalized needs. So it can be created for the entire company, selected department or person. The software can be a typical and uncomplicated system, but also an extensive application. The largest part of dedicated solutions is created from the very beginning up to the achievement of the specific goal set by the contracting person. So if you want everything to work according to your guidelines, when ordering dedicated software, you can independently come up with the functions that the system should have. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that the functionality of the new tool will fully meet the needs of your business and work style.

Advantages of dedicated software

In addition to the fact that the software created according to your wishes, addresses your specific needs, it also provides you with a number of other amenities. It performs many functions that facilitate individual stages of work and complex processes.

Among the biggest advantages of dedicated software you will find that it is distinguished by:

1. Technical compatibility – it is visible at every stage of the work and definitely makes it easier to perform. When you are the owner of a tailor-made system, it interacts with all systems already present in the company. So you do not need to invest in new tools and worry that the programs you use will suddenly become obsolete or that you will not be able to use them at all.

2. Matching to the company’s profile – dedicated software does not only provide matching to the industry in which your organization operates. It also guarantees a close fit to your devices and even to the assortment you sell.

3. No restrictions – there is no feature that cannot be designed for personalized software. It all depends on the knowledge and creativity of the team involved in creating the solution. If you choose specialists who know their stuff, they will definitely help you get exactly the effect you care about.

4. Support – if you decide to use the services of a software company and they prepare a special program for you, you will be able to count on their constant help and support.

5. The speed of possible repairs – in case of any problems, the specialists who wrote your software will be able to solve your problem quickly. Thanks to their excellent knowledge, the tools will know how to fix a fault. After all, it’s best to work on your own invention, because its design is known inside out.

6. Flexibility – by choosing custom software, you don’t have to worry about the license for each job. You can make your system available for use to all employees regardless of their number.

Dedicated software offers you great comfort – speed, efficiency and proper fit. All this thanks to the focus on your business and your specific needs.

Where does dedicated software work best?

Custom-made software would certainly work in any industry. However, not every business requires such a solution and many companies can be fully satisfied with ready-made systems. Therefore, it is worth looking at where best dedicated software works and what organizations should decide on it.

First of all, it finds its greatest application in large and multifaceted business operations. It is therefore useful in wholesalers, warehouses and large stores, in which assortment management is carried out from the level of many positions. With this solution, you can automate many processes that would lengthen your work without it. These include, for example, communication with distributors and suppliers, i.e. automatic transmission of information about shortages in warehouses. Dedicated software is also used in call center services. With its help, you can integrate various databases, phone numbers, record conversations and collect information about customers. In addition, the tailored system makes it easier for employees themselves to transfer access to various types of data. You can also easily obtain the necessary information even in the absence of one of them or check the progress of ongoing work.

Considering all the most important features, it is easy to state that dedicated software is a solution tailored to modern times, in which work should be maximally automated to be able to devote time to the most important activities. So if you feel that your company needs this type of change, take advantage of the possibilities and order your own system!

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