What is an Agile Scrum?

25.06.2020 Angelika Siczek
Agile Scrum

Implementation of projects based on agile methodologies consistent with the Agile manifesto is a popular practice recently. This type of solution is just Agile Scrum – the framework, which is a design skeleton, containing a set of rules and appropriate attitudes that improve the quality of work on the project and the whole team. What exactly is it and in which cases is it worth using? You will learn later in the article!


What is Agile?

The development team needs a framework to determine the roles of individual members participating in the project. It also gives tips and resources that help in the implementation of the task. The set of Agile methods, or agile methods, is developed by programmers, which is why it perfectly matches the nature of their work. It consists of iterative and incremental programming. As the project progresses, changes in the concept of the client or product investor are taken into account. Frequent checking of progress and continuous presentation of subsequent finished stages is also included. This allows not only a glimpse from a certain perspective on the direction of the project, but also a review of progress by stakeholders.

Establishment of Agile

Agile is considered by many to be a new work methodology, while in practice the Agile manifesto was created in 2001. The goal of this project was to translate experience in working with the client when creating applications and based on them to create a new methodology that was to eliminate the disadvantages of the traditional cascade model . Agile assumes that more important than the processes themselves are people and interactions that improve them. Another thing is to give preference to a flexible work style in which the team adapts to change rather than strictly following the plan. Continuous cooperation with the customer is also more important than rigid arrangements. And finally, instead of providing comprehensive documentation, the team strives to provide working software as soon as possible.

Agile methodology

Why is Agile called the agile methodology? Because it means a flexible and smart approach to the project. It is also about dynamics and emphasis on obtaining measurable effects. This mode also works in extreme programming (XP), DSDM, Crystal, Kanban and Lean Startup. What’s more, Agile Scrum has improved the performance of these directions. This proves the success of the 2001 manifesto. You do not have to think of it only as a methodology for working on a mobile application development project. It can also be a good method of increasing work efficiency in any industry and in various types of projects. So it is quite a universal approach in organizing the performance of tasks.

Framework Agile Scrum

A framework will be a better term than the Agile Scrum methodology, because it does not mean specific actions or limits the possibilities of action. On the contrary, it encourages the use of certain tools and processes to enhance the team’s productivity and creativity while leaving them as much freedom as possible. In short, the Agile manifesto does not contain a recipe for success, but only job suggestions that will certainly improve the performance of the task, but above all improve the quality of the product.

So what is this framework about? Among other things, it specifies how to evaluate your own work or the project team in an appropriate way. Every short time you should look at the effects achieved and consider them in the context of the usability and functioning of the application. In addition, positions, their tasks and responsibilities are kept to a minimum. All this for flexibility. This is one of the reasons why the Agile framework is a great solution for start-ups.

What makes up Scrum?

In the Scrum methodology, certain elements are important that allow you to keep the project in check thanks to the presence of a minimal number of organizational structures. There are certain roles and stages of work that are permanently included in this framework.

Roles in Agile Scrum

Product Owner is a specific person with the skills of a leader and a good understanding of the direction and type of project, which he commands. He heads the Development Team whose work he organizes. He manages the project and its subsequent iterations. He must know not only the concept of the product being created, but also the team members so as to use their maximum potential. Developers, i.e. the Development Team mentioned above, are all specialists who are part of the project implementers: programmers, web-developers, analysts, UI and UX specialists. The next role is Scrum Master. A person who guards compliance with the framework rules, so that everything goes according to plan, but above all, in the most fluid and dynamic way. His task is also to make the team work in maximum symbiosis, which in turn will lead to maximization of their efficiency.

Events, or model of action

The Agile methodology assumes a cycle of activities in which the project progresses in the form of sprints, usually the length of the month. Sprint planning is forecasting and planning team work on a task at a given stage. Daily Scrum is checking work on a regular basis and based on the review made a decision on how to proceed with iteration. Sprint Review is a summary and presentation of effects not only for team members, but also for stakeholders. They must know in which direction the project is heading and express their opinion on the basis of which further work will be planned. The Sprint Retrospective is a critical look at the iteration process, expressing ideas for improving the product and the work process. It is also a good time to present new ideas and concepts.

Artifacts, or work tools in Scrum

Not only the organization of work is offered in this framework. Artifacts are also available. It is nothing but tools to work in the spirit of Agile Scrum. Product Backlog is a to-do list by the development team. It is created by a Product Owner who must constantly update and create it in a transparent way, because it is a method for his team management and effect management. All team members have access to the Backlog. In turn, Product Increment is an illustration of the increase in product functionality that actually takes place in the project. It is created at the completed stage of work, after tests and is in an integrated form.

Scrum is not a recipe for success

What should you remember when thinking about Agile Scrum? First of all, that Scrum is not a recipe for success. Secondly, it is not a tool for managing people or a project. His task is to focus on the product and teamwork, so as to get the highest productivity of group members, but without rushing them. Scrum is used to provide a ready and efficient product in the shortest but achievable time.

Hard work

It should be emphasized that Agile Scrum also introduces a certain work ethic. According to it, the head is to create an efficient application that meets the investor’s requirements, instead of creating any application as soon as possible. It assumes good time synchronization and building a harmonious team, but the introduction of a framework will not give such an effect immediately. In addition to it, hard work of all involved people and some experience in this type of projects are necessary.

Scrum is only meant to help you reach a high level. On the team’s side lies working out the obstacles, because Scrum alone is not the answer to every question. It can, at most, give a certain structure to work on a project, but success is always achieved by specialists involved in the sentence. So remember that people are the most important thing in every action!

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