What is commercetools?

10.06.2022 Angelika Siczek

Today, the number of services and platforms online stores can use is simply mind-boggling. However, if you want to excel online and outrun your competitors, you need an e-commerce platform that’s flexible, comprehensive, and scalable. Commercetools is an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform that works in different business setups, including B2C, B2B, and D2C. In this article, we’re going to show you what is Commercetools and what does Commercetools do?

If you are about to start an e-commerce business and you haven’t picked your e-commerce platform yet, we advise you to give Commercetools a shot. And that’s not just our opinion, as this platform was named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2021. So, what makes this platform stand out?

What do you need to know about Commercetools?

Commercetools was designed to be flexible and extensible. It comes with a whole list of useful features and options, and you can adjust it to the way your company works. Maintenance and adding new features are really easy, and the platform is ready for future solutions and services.


It’s one of the most important aspects of Commercetools. This model separates the back-end layer from the front-end layer, thus offering unmatched customizability. These two layers communicate with each other via API calls. As a result, you can modify the way your store looks, works, and interacts with the user without the need to rebuild the whole platform.


Thanks to the feature called the integrated Product Information Management (PIM), you get access to all the product data. As a result, you can manage products in your inventory and create complex product catalogs perfectly tailored to your business model. Catalog management comes with an advanced pricing engine that enables you to set prices specifically for a given country. You can also sell products in multiple currencies. 


Thanks to a solution called Unified Cart, you can even run several online stores and oversee them effectively. What’s more, you can offer the same customer experience and purchasing process no matter what you sell. With Unified Cart, you can optimize checkout and manage subscriptions, discounts, and taxes.


Every online store owner knows that effective order management is the recipe for success in this sector. With Commercetools, you can manage all of your orders in every channel you exploit. You get an in-depth overview of all the logistics-related processes. As a result, you can integrate logistics and supply chain to reduce costs of shipping and increase customer satisfaction.


Lastly, we want to mention Merchant Center, which allows you to oversee and optimize all the processes and procedures in your store. The Merchant Center gives you all the information you need to run your business without hassle. For instance, you have quick access to all the customer data, e.g., related to past purchases. This knowledge can be used to increase customer experience and introduce personalized product recommendations.

And what about machine learning? This AI-related technology is used to automate repetitive tasks and draw useful conclusions from data. Commercetools exploits machine learning to deliver product recommendations, personalized promotions, and on-demand offers.



Omnichannel is one of the e-commerce major buzzwords. It describes a holistic approach to e-commerce that’s all about fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations and utilizing all the available communication and sales channels. With Commercetools, you can offer an excellent customer experience in the following channels:

  • Web and desktop
  • Mobile devices
  • Smart devices and IoT
  • Digital signage (communication and sales in public spaces)
  • Custom commerce (you can come up with an entirely new and unique sales channel, like, e.g., in a car or onboard a flight)


Wherever you want to be, whatever you want to sell, Commercetools will help you out. In the next article, we will explain how Commercetools can be used in your business to streamline its growth.

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