Symfony: Why this framework is good for implementations?

29.10.2019 Angelika Siczek

What is Symfony? It is a PHP programming platform maintained in the open source movement. It means you ‘ll have access to the source code and the possibility to influence the shape of the platform. The Symfony framework is very popular among developers due to the possibility of creating large projects. It also allows the use of PHP 5, which is highly configurable. Symfony lets you create multiple lines of code at a low cost. Other PHP-based frameworks include CodeIgniter, Zend and Cake PHP. However, Symfony is the first choice of many development companies. It is faster than the others and uses twice as much memory. What are other reasons to carry out the implementations with Symfony?

Symfony and its competition

What else makes Symfony better than the competition? It has a simplified mechanism of development tasks, so you do not have to write lots of lines of code when creating web applications. Development is faster and more stable. You can expect a lot from Symfony. It gives you higher performance than the competition, while using less memory. Therefore, the implementations with Symfony are quicker, more reliable and simply less resource-consuming.

Flexibility and comprehensive packages

What’s more, it is incredibly configurable and allows for customization of the programming environment on many independent elements. Creating complex browser applications is facilitated by event dispatching and dependency injection.There are no design restrictions when using Symfony. Each one will be unique and with many individual functions. This framework is flexible, and all functionalities are in packages (bundles). Each of them is original and significantly extends the scope of the project. Using them properly, the developer is able to completely reconfigure the structure of the application.

Automation and community support

In addition, using Symfony, the developer saves time by not having to constantly rewriting complex code. That way they developers can proceed with implementations faster. At the same type this advantage is making them less prone to make any mistakes. This is one of the decisive functions that made this framework very popular in the industry. Another factor to which it owes its popularity is the ability to access services in the API. Running them using platforms such as Google, Yahoo or Twitter easily expands the website.

The Symfony community should also be mentioned. Thanks to such high popularity, the level of support, the number of guides and forums is huge. Any problem that arises when working on the application has probably already happened, has been analyzed and resolved. It gives a sense of comfort during development work and motivation to take a harder path in order to achieve a more satisfying effect. It also opens up the opportunity to focus on the main goals of the project instead of details and minor functionalities. This, in turn, results in a polished and trouble-free application delivered to the customer. The legendary Web Debug Toolbar makes the job of finishing an application much easier.

Easy to learn

Symfony’s online community support also means faster learning process for novice users. Framework is not intimidating in terms of complexity. It is flexible and widely available. Professional support and documentation teaches appropriate developer practices quickly and easily. In addition, applications are easy to configure because they are limited to specific issues related to the project. In turn, the number of additional interface tools available in circulation should be the final argument for using the Symfony framework by developers.

Symfony in implementations: other benefits

The perspective of working on the Symfony framework is attractive not only for the developer, but also for the company ordering the application. The possibility of continuous expansion, constant configuration or modification of individual elements are very tempting features for the owner. It does not create a barrier between the finished product and further reconstruction. This in turn generates a sense of well invested money.

Speed an expandability of implementations with Symfony

Symfony is designed for speed. So you do not need to worry that as the project grows, the application will start to slow down. Even if optimization has been considered as a project stage, it may not be necessary. Expandability is not limited to the full application. You can use Symfony by building specific functionality in a given project or you can create a full project step by step. This is also influenced by the function of using packages. Each brick of the whole project can be replaced at any time.

SensioLab support

SensioLab, the creator of the Symfony framework, offers three years of support for each major version, as well as lifetime support for security features. When it comes to the smaller versions – compatibility is guaranteed by the API defined by public interfaces.

Symfony: the implementations-ready framework

The simplicity of using Symfony is an unbeatable argument. The way the framework works, makes the implementations easy and pleasant. Instead of tedious work on the details and repeating the same lines of code, application developers can focus on the main goal of the project. This improves morale and motivates both professionals and beginners. Symfony combines a visionary approach to working on a long-term project and a focus on everyday creation of individual functions. Its flexibility and extensive documentation of the community, among other advantages, are the reasons why this framework is the most popular among developers and why Symfony is such a good tool for e-Commerce implementations.

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