Why is PWA so important to the fashion industry?

19.03.2019 Angelika Siczek
The fashion e-commerce industry is very popular with all fashion representatives. And how do recipients look for the latest collections, styling, and clothing ideas from fashion designers around the world? Of course with smartphones. However, for fashion brands, the conversion rate on mobile devices is usually lower than for desktop users. For this reason, it is extremely important for this industry to adapt their websites to mobile phones and tablets.
If you have seen a similar situation in your online store, check the problem. Learn how to improve your conversion rate with Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Why should the fashion industry use the latest technologies?

The fashion industry is the fastest growing division of the global business. Trends are changing fast, and new collections are being introduced several times per year. It is a very dynamic environment, which by its nature should be up to date with technological innovations.
The purchasing power of customers in the fashion industry is growing incredibly quickly. It is forecasted to reach 1.2 billion USD by 2022. This is the area in which the first impression plays the most significant role. Perfect photographs of products are very important here. If you want to be at the top of sales, you must always be one step ahead of your competitors. That’s not easy. Your strength is mainly in the social media that are used by all brands to inspire customers and to have them with them.
All leading social media websites accepted the mobile approach. Many of them decided to use PWA to create a friendly environment for the user when using different shopping platforms. Also to generate traffic that is so important in the fashion industry. The pioneers of the fashion industry are Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
For some e-commerce businesses, Instagram is generating over 70% of the overall traffic. However, the quality of traffic is also important. In this case, over 30% of Instagrammers bought something they first saw on Instagram.
Besides building a community and the advertisement range, social media support multichannel strategies different brands have. A promising sign for the fashion industry is the act that over 64% of people buying via their smartphones consults the decision via their phones as well. That means that these clients are ready to make purchases.
However, despite a large amount of traffic generated by mobile devices and the presence of users ready to buy, many brands are not able to switch to the use of mobile applications. The reason for this is the overall difference between conversions on both types of devices (mobile and desktop), up to 47%. This is a well-known phenomenon in the industry because for many years online stores have operated only on stationary devices. Smartphone users accustomed to trouble-free mobile service got stuck in online stores with poor performance or not adapted to the requirements of mobile devices.

Why should PWA and the fashion industry take the same road?

Looking at social media accomplishments, fashion brands can increase the mobile conversion rate by 30-40% thanks to a PWA implementation.
Progressive Web Apps are modern websites based on mobile approach. PWA have excellent performance, both on desktops and on mobile devices. Moreover, they work offline and can be used as mobile apps. Thanks to them, fashion brands can build only one page and use it in 3 ways. As a computer site, a mobile site and a mobile application.
There are many advantages to using PWA. Thanks to the implementation of this solution in online stores, fashion brands can reach a large amount of users already involved in social media. And then provide them with easy access to sites on which they will make a purchase. But that’s not all …

A consistent offer on all platforms

Progressive Web Apps enable you to grant the same offer and the same appearance, on all shopping platforms. Regardless of whether the user opens the mobile application, or accesses the website through a desktop device, he will be on the same sales platform and will see the selected product in exactly the same way.

Building involvement in offline mode

When the internet connection is weak, PWA uses cache to handle the e-commerce sales activity. The same mechanism also enables you to view the contents of the store offline. As a result, customers can search for items even while traveling, losing a connection or saving transfer.

Rush-hour without traffic jams

Who likes to be stuck in traffic jams? The answer is obvious. A similar situation occurs in the case of too many visitors on the site – its efficiency decreases and “traffic jams” are created. It often discourages shoppers who simply go to another online store. How to solve this?
PWA guarantees the security of the website even at traffic peaks, for example on Black Friday or Christmas. Due to the service technology, e-commerce platforms established on Progressive Web Apps are much safer and more durable in the case of this type of overload.

Fashion brands that have PWA

According to the report of the best 30 PWA comparative tests, the majority of bands observed positive results after the implementation of Progressive Web Apps. Including a growth of the conversion rate, application weight reduction and an increase in the number of users. See which brands from the fashion world are among the users of this new technology.

La Nature – Russia

La Nature is a leading Russian e-commerce platform, offering original jewelry collections and other fashion accessories. The store chooses exquisite international brands of jewelry and presents over 16,000 products at home.
Thanks to the use of PWA, La Nature reduced the loading time of their website and gave its users the use of a website fully adapted to their needs. This is essentially the capacity to make transactions on mobile devices.
Additionally La Nature:
– Uses Magento 2.2 and Vue Storefront applications.
– The page directory loading time has changed, decreasing by 0.1 seconds.
– The time of loading of the first catalog (ensuring the visibility of the catalog with images) has decreased by 1.5 seconds.

Special Milano – Italy

Special Milano is an Italian specialist in streetwear. The company offers unique shoes and accessories of the world’s best brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Reebok. Store owners have decided to enter the online market and build a unique User Experience for their clients.
Before the full PWA implementation, Special Milano analyzed the investment’s proof of concept. It turned out that the development of Progressive Web Apps is much cheaper than creating a separate native application.
Additionally Special Milano:
– Uses the Magento 2 platform and the Vue Storefront.
– The development of the PoC process lasted for less than 20 business days.

The Hour Glass – Singapore

Hour Glass is an Asian company selling luxury watches. The group has more than 40 boutiques in 9 key cities in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the official seller of carefully selected collections of luxury watches from over 50  world’s best brands, including Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Hublot, IWC, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Rolex, Sinn, TAG Heuer and similar.
The PWA store has introduced the NOMOS Glashütte watch, paying the utmost attention to User Experience, thus providing customers with the highest level of service.
Now you understand why PWA is so significant for the fashion industry. Therefore, if you operate in fashion, consider applying such a solution to your store.

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