Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 – new features, new opportunities

25.01.2022 Kornel Kosoń
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It is anticipated that eCommerce will exceed the value of $1 trillion in the United States this year. It means that the ongoing revolution is not slowing down and online businesses have still a lot to gain. Adobe Commerce wants to be a part of this process and prepared several updates for its customers. The new platform will be presented at the Adobe Summit planned for March but before it comes to that, here is a summary of what to expect and how to prepare.

What’s behind Adobe Commerce 2.4.4?

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is for those who want to take advantage of the eCommerce boom and bring their businesses to the next level. New features offer flexibility and customization that will enable to meet business needs and goals as well as create opportunities to scale. Adobe does not forget about the developer experience and offers user-friendly tooling, easier maintenance, and faster access to new features (as SaaS services).

New features and integrations

  • Product Recommendations – this feature will allow customers to style recommendations and apply design elements. Result for your business? Higher customer engagement. To be released at the end of January.
  • CPU Usage Tracking Tool – this feature will allow tracking virtual CPU (vCPU) usage in a user-friendly way. Result for your business? Monitoring the trends and optimizing computing resources. 
  • MuleSoft Connector for Adobe Commerce – this feature will allow customers to manage all integrations with existing solutions (for example with ERPs, PIMs) instead of applying point-to-point integrations. Result for your business? Optimizing data exchange, reducing the enterprise resources, creating a better commerce experience.
  • Mirakl Marketplace Platform – this feature will allow merchants to build their marketplace (Mirakl Marketplace Seller Extension) or sell on other Mirakl marketplaces (Mirakl Marketplace Operator Connector). Result for your business? Opportunity to generate additional revenues. 


The road to excellence

There are several possibilities offered by Adobe Commerce to get prepared for the coming changes:

Adobe Commerce is also working on quality improvements to the Upgrade Compatibility Tool (such features as compatibility with PHP 8.1 and new HTML reporting capabilities are now available).


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