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04.02.2020 Angelika Siczek
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Do you already know the new Adobe product? This is Adobe Commerce Cloud based on Magento 2. This tool has created three key offers that you can already use: Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce Cloud. However, we will focus on the latest program and show why it is worth to bet on it when choosing an e-commerce platform.


Adobe Commerce Cloud is addressed to a wide range of traders – from small, to medium and large companies. All thanks to its numerous features and support based on Magento 2. See how Adobe has used the possibilities of this e-commerce platform to create a completely new project.


Adobe Commerce Cloud - Magento 2


What is the Magento 2 Adobe Commerce Cloud service?

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a fully managed, cloud-based version of the e-commerce platform. It is completely integrated with other Adobe tools. Thanks to this, you can connect your Adobe Commerce Cloud store with Analytics, Marketing or Advertising clouds without much effort using the best features of key Adobe products.


Another convenience that the new solution offers is also Dashboard Commerce and the ability to integrate with Amazon Marketplace. With this feature, you can track your inventory status and key business indicators. Adobe Commerce Cloud also offers full integration and administrative control of Magento.


The presented product introduces primarily new commercial opportunities, focusing on satisfying the needs of your customers. Offers sales opportunities through in-depth data analysis. By knowing your customers’ behaviors, expectations and problems they encounter while shopping, you’ll be able to improve your e-commerce business. You do not have to worry about the operational aspects of using the service. Adobe Commerce Cloud is flexible and scalable enough to meet the expectations of any business – it offers exactly what you need and what you want to have on your e-commerce platform.


A huge plus of the new solution is the ability to integrate with third-party extensions. Adobe does not close to other external modules. Adobe Commerce Cloud is therefore open to all Magento extensions and works with them efficiently. You can easily use the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extensions and integrate your website with other external systems, not only those from Amazon.


Adobe Commerce Cloud features

To meet the numerous expectations, the tool should be adapted to the needs of both the B2B and B2C sectors. This is the case with Adobe Commerce Cloud. Thanks to this, it can be used by various websites and brands, as well as in many countries around the world. The platform was designed to coordinate trade in each sales channel. Therefore, it provides high configuration options and scalable electronic commerce solutions. Thus, Adobe Commerce cloud users can manage experiences, personalize and optimize the use of the site at all points of contact – regardless of the device from which they have access to it. What else makes it really worth the attention?



Probably the most important advantage of Adobe Commerce Cloud is that it is based on the cloud. In this way, anyone can manage the sales page anywhere on Earth.


What’s more, Adobe Commerce Cloud is offered as a service managed by Adobe. This means that it introduces additional security and performance compared to Magento 2 Commerce and Magento Open Source. So if you choose this solution, you can shorten the time to launch your brand on the market, as well as improve the necessary operations.


Advanced Analytics

The above-mentioned Commerce Dashboard are the tools necessary to monitor key business indicators that affect the decision making important from the perspective of running a business. Defining them enables the development of directions and the selection of points for improvement. So by using the new feature, you can improve your marketing, merchandising and delivery activities. All processes operate on the basis of integrated artificial intelligence, which constantly monitors the condition of your company and anticipates possible events. Therefore, improving and optimizing user experience, process efficiency and business results is definitely easier than before.


Multi-channel shopping experience (omnichannel)

Thanks to the integration with Amazon, the first step in the omnichannel service for the offered e-commerce platform was made. However, this is not enough to enable integration with the largest players on the market. It is worth emphasizing, however, that integration with Adobe Experience Manager allows Adobe Commerce Cloud to dynamically adapt to the content requirements of external systems. The unified API, data model, components and available store model help in achieving omnichannel strategy, however, to be fully satisfactory, it requires additional tools.


Agility and flexibility

Of course, the platform is agile and flexible. In addition, Adobe Commerce Cloud introduces advanced APIs, microservices and integration of corporate systems. It also supports unattended deployment models. This means that you can freely use the Magento 2 PWA approach to your business.


Magento Commerce Pro

The basic Adobe Commerce Cloud product is Magento Commerce Pro. The creators direct it to brands that require special shopping experience for their customers. To provide even the most demanding traders with what they need, Magento Commerce is becoming the most flexible and extensible cloud trading package on the market. As a user, you can benefit from digital commerce, order management, business analysis and advanced shipping options. All this as part of a ready-to-use product.


Platform flexibility

Of course, Adobe Commerce Cloud’s flexibility is based on many extensions and integrations that are already available in the ecosystem. Thanks to this you can easily add new payment methods, shipping service providers, ERP integrations or other functions. All in just a few clicks.


Short time to market

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of the new tool. Thanks to the fact that each previous function is common to every Magento 2 product, so is the same with Adobe Commerce Cloud. By choosing Cloud, you choose the fastest way to set up a fully functional online store with a six-months implementation time.


Many business models

Thanks to Magento Commerce Pro you get one product for various business models. Depending on the specific conditions, you can use exactly the features you really need. Thanks to the Adobe Commerce Cloud service, you will increase productivity, reduce technical costs, and adapt your new platform to any business model.


Total cost of the e-commerce platform

Launching the Adobe Commerce Cloud store is fast. However, how to achieve success by running an effective business on the purchasing platform? It turns out that this process is also quite fast. The realization of the value from the time of investment is even better than in the case of similar solutions. The average implementation time is six months, and thanks to 3k + extensions you can not only get a faster return on investment, but also reduce the total cost of ownership of the platform.


What are the biggest advantages of Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Because the solution is only being implemented, it is difficult to list all its advantages and benefits. Certainly, however, several features are emerging to the fore that help entrepreneurs operate in the e-commerce industry. These include, above all, the possibility of conducting large sales for both sectors – both B2C and B2B. The tool also guarantees continuous innovation. Adobe Commerce Cloud is the most flexible and expandable e-commerce commerce solution. This ensures, among others based on Magento 2 and its huge ecosystem, as well as Adobe’s desire for continuous development.



Adobe Commerce Cloud is designed for local and global adaptation. So you can take full advantage of the platform architecture, including many sites, and sell your products on websites fully adapted to various audiences from around the world. This opens new markets and many possibilities for you. By choosing the Adobe Commerce Cloud product, you will certainly develop your business without unnecessary expenses and in the easiest way possible!

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