Examples of companies that have changed their e-commerce businesses using the Magento platform

16.06.2020 Angelika Siczek
examples of companies that changed ecommerce with magento

Competitive prices don’t always matter in trade. Stores can encourage customers to buy products with exceptional customer service or product quality. How does it look in e-commerce? If there is no physical service, it must be replaced by a comfortable and responsive interface, and due to the lack of tangible quality verification, a sophisticated product information system should be built.

So you should ask yourself – does my e-commerce business meet the expectations of a potential customer? If not – what can I do to keep up or outperform the competition?

The modern buyer is a demanding customer to whom the sales strategy and special offers should be adjusted. The flexible Magento platform comes with help. No matter if you run B2B or B2C business – transformation is advisable if you require a reliable and solid base for your store.

Magento platform

Material Bank

Material Bank is a New York company creating solutions for publication and design. It offers assistance to architects and designers in finding the right building and design materials among hundreds of manufacturers. Enables fast delivery and free service. This company used the potential of the Magento Commerce 2 platform because of the great flexibility they required to fully meet their vision.

Material Ban entered into a partnership with Something Digital, thanks to which it integrated the custom-made ERP system. Thanks to this, their website has become much more useful not only for the customer, but also for employees. The Chief Operating Officer describes this change as a breakthrough and adds that only this platform provides such opportunities. Material Bank service now offers instant search, excellent images, complementary product information, which is presented clearly. The effects speak for themselves – the site obtained a 200% increase in the number of visits and a 350% increase in sales.

Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather grew at a rapid pace. However, the website was a big limitation for her. After joining the forces of Magento and Kensium, they managed to create a website based on the Magento Commerce 2 platform. This resulted in a strong improvement in buyer involvement.

The change of the platform has also corrected many bugs and technical shortcomings that had previously troubled the owner of the store. Positioning has been improved, which has also increased the conversion rate. Taking advantage of the versatility offered by the Magento platform, Saddleback Leather has expanded its offer by combining a shopping cart with its sister company Love41. As a result, the number of users increased by 57%, the conversion rate by 17%, and the average value of orders by 8%. Needless to say, sales revenues also increased.


The Shoebacca.com store began its full e-commerce business in spring 2007. After a few short years, they became a leader in online footwear sales. The success was so spectacular that a different sales platform was needed to better meet customer requirements. In cooperation with Kensium, the company migrated to Magento Commerce 2.1. An important factor in choosing the platform was the full integration of many channels, as well as the warehouse management system, financing, but above all – full flexibility and the ability to modify as desired.

This great change allowed Shoebacca.com to accelerate customer service, handle a huge product catalog, but also integrate backend with many e-commerce markets and dropshipping suppliers. The overall increase in sales is 30% and the increase in website traffic is 25%. More customers came to the site, stayed longer, but above all – they bought more. Since opening the website in a new setting, sales have increased by breathtaking 1,400%.


Catbird, famous for creating interesting, fascinating custom jewelry, decided to update its Magento platform from 1 to 2. The decision was made when the owners noticed that a large proportion of site visitors came from mobile devices. It was then decided that the mobile channel would become a priority. They also wanted to create a unique experience when contacting the site – the creation of a climate of mystery and the possibility of discovering while the user is traveling on the store’s website. They started building engagement by creating product information enriched with stories related to the products offered. Descriptions that worked on the imagination were to attract the attention of customers. What’s more, high-quality product details and intuitive website navigation have also become important. All these factors were to emphasize that the company really cares about customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations.

Imagination Media have become Catbird’s partner in creating image through e-commerce website. Numerous functions have been added to increase the convenience of shopping, such as inventory levels, messages regarding the status of the order, gift ordering, wish list and same-day delivery.

Catbird has also created a fully independent mobile version of the site. It had a clear, simple navigation, and at the same backend, in which you can easily modify the settings and operation of the function. Thanks to this, the company can adjust the level and type of its services on an ongoing basis, which makes it flexible to change and always on time with its offer and marketing campaigns. Thanks to all these measures, the conversion rate increased by 17% and mobile sales by 39%.

Marc Fisher Footwear

Marc Fisher Footwear wanted to combine three different brands – Easy Spirit, Nine West and Marc Fisher Footwear together to create one central online sales platform. The challenge, however, was to achieve this, but without combining the visual identity of all three brands.

Mediaspa was a partner in this undertaking. It created the main portal on the Magento Commerce 2 platform. Thanks to this, there was a place of sale for all products coming straight from Marc Fisher or subordinate companies. A very interesting product was created, in which each brand had its own website and appearance with Magento shared functions. These included delivery functionalities and related information, seamless customer service and extensive product information – so each product could be presented in the same way, including by means of a film and precise product visualization, regardless of its color version. Due to the changes, the conversion rate increased by 24% and profits from sales by 10%.

Komax S.A.

Komax S.A. is a trading group from South America. It has more than 15 international clothing brands. The parent company has 147 stationary stores, including 114 in Chile and 33 in Peru.

Creating a good e-commerce site for a multi-channel store is not easy. It must have express shipping, online ordering function and the ability to receive orders in a stationary store, as well as the option of shipping from the store to the customer. Komax’s main need was support for all 17 brands in many countries around the world through a good e-commerce website. It’s an ambitious plan, but Magento stood up to the challenge.

Formax has become a partner in this operation. The structure of many websites was created on the Magento Commerce 2 platform. Thanks to this, the project was created very quickly, in about 10 months. During this time, eight existing sites were successfully transferred from their previous platforms to Magento. Thanks to the short lead time, the Komax sales group was able to open 9 new sites in Chile and Peru. As a result, they celebrated a 15% increase in sales and a 0.5% increase in conversion rate.


Pino is a company that creates therapeutic and wellness products. They achieved great success thanks to Magento. With their executive partner TechDivision, they created a site that surpassed customer expectations. The involvement in the Magento platform gave them the opportunity to strive for a worthy role model – Amazon.

The company has included a product configurator on its website. Thanks to it, clients can design their own therapeutic couch and receive its quote immediately. According to the company, this form of product presentation attracts more customers. This activity proves that Pino puts great emphasis on increasing the trust and satisfaction of its customers. What’s more, the transparency of the company’s operations has meant that the conversion rate has doubled.

Previously, Pino only conducted B2B activities, but now they also sell to retailers, all from one page. In addition, their store was opened after four weeks. Thanks to Magento’s increased performance, the cost of maintaining the site has halved.

Regardless of the type of sales or the type of customer, the Magento platform will work in every branch of e-commerce business. The size of the store is also irrelevant – a boutique, an international wholesale warehouse, or maybe a multi-brand market? Magento Commerce 2 will provide the right solutions and functions for all applications. The platform not only creates e-commerce space, but above all gives tools and opportunities to sellers who want to conduct business according to a strictly defined vision. It allows them to compete on the market or rethink their own solutions and introduce new, experimental ones. Creating a new marketing and sales strategy has never been as easy as with Magento!

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