Magento as a B2B sales system

15.08.2019 Angelika Siczek
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The Business to Business sales market is an underestimated branch of commerce by novice or developing sellers. However, most of the distributors working in the B2B market most often come from B2C (Business to Customer). They are encouraged by new technologies and their possibilities. Nevertheless, the transition to the new branch of the market is combined with major changes for the brand and store. How to deal with this? Magento comes with the help, which not only facilitates the opening of new channels, but also their conduction.


Magento as a B2B sales system


Requirements to be met in conducting B2B sales

You must meet certain requirements to operate a competitive B2B platform. Due to the larger than B2C scale, the performance and quality of the system is even more important. The most important for the business client is the unpaid and uninterrupted sales process. Irrespective of the conditions or circumstances, the order must be completed in due time. While the retail client can afford a slightly longer waiting time, it is crucial to keep the deadline in the execution of B2B transactions.


The high B2C sales standard has strongly raised the bar for the B2B industry. Accustomed to the speed of action, the customer with experience in retail will transfer their requirements to business transactions. It is right to expect not only a simple interface and presentation of the assortment and its description, but also an efficient and modern purchasing process. This standard must be met if you do not want to deter your potential customers.


Functional requirements of the system are as important as its transparency and speed of action. Do not forget that in the case of B2B, however, the usability is in the first place. Assigning privileges and facilities to customer accounts is a big step forward in the area of ​​store management. In a situation where you trade with many customers, which are dealt with by separate sales strategies, the possibility of setting a separate pricing plan for each of them is a huge convenience. The same applies to foreign buyers. They are valid not only by other currencies, but also by other tax rules. If you take this into account, giving functionality to their account, you will certainly encourage them to continue cooperation.


Another important function for the customer is the transparency of the order process. Each shopping stage should be visible in the profile. Anything that will make it easier for the entrepreneur to run his own store thanks to sourcing from you will certainly make him return to your doorstep. For example, you can make it easier for the person responsible for orders by sharing Excel files with transaction data, through various configurators or purchasing assistants.


Magento functions supporting B2B e-commerce

Magento offers a number of functions that make B2B cooperation run smoothly and smoothly. First of all, taking experience with B2C, product range management and product information is at a high level. This means that the business purchase process is fast due to the efficiency of the support operations and transparent, due to good information practices regarding the content of the magazine.


The way of presenting products is an important element of a compilation that is a B2B transaction. Thanks to the grouping of products, it is possible to personalize purchases and find the desired assortment more quickly. Magento also has advanced analytical skills that personalize the offer for the client based on its origin, language or currency.


The proper presentation of products and the ability to create summaries is a great facilitation for the business client. We are talking about displaying a large number of products in tables containing their specific data, in order to compare them with each other. This is important functionality for B2B, which comes from the B2C practice.


If you want to combine the two worlds and run a store where both retailers and wholesalers can make purchases, use the option of creating a separate template for the same B2B and B2C store. You can group them according to your account’s characteristics or give you an account for a business customer to provide him with a different price list or categories or even a range of products. The B2B customer may have the option of creating a list of orders based only on SKU, i.e. the internal identifier of the goods. Instead of searching for specific products every time, in the case of recurring purchases, it is enough to give the product numbers and their quantities and create an order in this way.


Magento Enterprise gives the opportunity to analyze customer behavior and their purchase history. On this basis, you are able to create a personalized promotion strategy. Based on creating groups of buyers. There is also the possibility of creating a separate advertising policy for retail and business clients. This is a big plus for a seller not wanting to limit himself to selling only in one segment.


In addition, Magento gives you the opportunity to grant rights and privileges not only to customer accounts. If you have employees at various levels who should have different degrees of access to the store’s internal information, you can control it through the ACL (Access Control List). Accounts can be managed individually or grouped.


Other functionalities of Magento B2B

Magento strives to meet its clients and creates in its system functions that strictly serve B2B trade. One of them is the creation of several sub-accounts, for many employees of the same company. In this way, it is possible to place orders by several clients into the account of one organization. In addition, Magento can be integrated with ERP systems, submit applications for setting up a business account, add products to the basket or use extended payment and delivery options. For the last functionality, it is also possible to configure a module dealing with e-mail communication with the client.



All functions are created for the entrepreneur who wants to conduct efficient and efficient online trading. Regardless of the sales profile and market branch you are in, Magento has solutions that will not only facilitate and significantly accelerate sales, but also relieve your list of tasks to be carried out on each transaction and thus limit the possibility of making a mistake.

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