Magento 1 vs. Magento 2 – decide wisely

30.05.2016 Angelika Siczek

In the first part of the “Matrix” saga, Morpheus gave the main character a choice between a red and a blue pill. Neo’s decision was to influence the further course of history, so it required a deeper reflection on its consequences. And if you found yourself in the Neo place, and the offer of Morpheus would concern the topic of changing the current version of Magento for a new one? What decision would you make?
Magento 2 has become reality. We know that it causes different emotions, but what does it mean for us? Can Magento 2.0 be described as the most refined software ever released? Let’s leave emotions for a moment and think.
In our deliberations, we will focus mainly on the owners of online stores, because they are the most interested in the subject. What improvements can they count on?
According to official data, there are 240,000 stores based on the first version of the Magento system. Will their owners decide to change?
To make the final decision easier, let’s summarize the doubts in three points:
When to upgrade your system to Magento 2?
What to expect from this update?
Is it worth it?
Let’s see.



It depends on the current state of the page: if it works efficiently (in particular, the use of liquidity and the number of current orders is important) and is based on one of the newer versions of the software (you can assume that version 1.8 CE and 1.13 EE are still considered “new”), there is no hurry. However, nothing prevents you from starting to explore Magento 2, get a professional opinion from your business partners and plan your implementation slowly.

If the store works on the basis of older versions of the software, the newer version raises after the implementation of a large reservation or you just dream about improving the quality of your store, you must rethink the implementation of Magento 2.



Get ready for the most difficult part. It is true that Magento 2 has a built-in device, which aims to facilitate data migration (settings directly related to the store, products, customers, orders, promotion rules …) between versions, but you should not count that it will be simple.
We have another message for you: Magento 2 does not allow the transfer of previously customized themes and codes, which means that you will not be able to play them on the new system, and therefore you need to prepare for additional expenses related to the introduction of visual and functional changes. However, we consider this a positive aspect of the implementation of Magento 2, because:
it allows a fresh look at the store as a whole,
it creates the possibility of getting rid of unnecessary elements of the code,
this allows you to improve the overall website mechanisms.
Let’s face it: if your store has 50 or more extensions, Magento 2 will force you to rethink all aspects related to it. This can lead to many positive modifications.


It is. First of all, due to the fact of introducing the change, there is no concept of retraction in Magento. Of course, in the coming years, there will probably be versions supporting the old system (and this is a good reason to wait a while), but if you want to be a leader in your industry, sooner or later you will face the decision to change. And then remember to:
think about what you want to improve,
create a list of extensions that you do not use (or you just have no idea what they are for),
start talking about Magento 2 with your business partner.


2016 is a good time to make good decisions for your business.
Magento 2 offers completely new solutions for both sellers and business partners, so if you want to stay on top, think about them.
If you need help planning the next steps for your business, please let us know.

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