Magento announced the PWA Magento studio

16.02.2019 Angelika Siczek
The year 2018 confirmed that mobile devices are mostly used for online purchases. According to the Adobe Analytics Holiday 2018 report, as much as 30 percent of network traffic generated by mobile devices was associated with online shopping. Nonetheless, many sellers still have a problem with encouraging their clients to make purchases online. Is there a remedy for it?
On January 15, 2019, Magento Studio announced the launch of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), a group of tools which will help the sellers create a perfect online store without professional knowledge. It will enable an increase in the sales rate of visitors to the store and help to build it into the shape of a mobile app. The package also includes Adobe Experience Cloud add-ons that will help you create a personalized website.
PWA is revolutionizing the online stores’ design. These tools enable you to create a website in a browser that looks and functions like a mobile application. It engages the user for a longer time with its aesthetics and intuitiveness.


The main feature of mobile applications is smoothness of performance and intuitiveness, which guarantee a more satisfying online shopping experience than those by browsers. However, applications can be expensive to create and maintain. Users will still use applications they previously tried, belonging to their favorite brands. According to Gartner (an American company conducting marketing research), only 10% of loyal customers will download the application created by the store, which puts a heavy load of network traffic on websites.
Why is the Progressive Web App so useful? See what it can offer you:
Fast browsing – PWA enables faster and more interactive performance and smoother scrolling, which limits the compulsion to reload the page.
Instant application advantages – PWA are ready to use from the first-page loading. This eliminates the necessity to download the application to the mobile device storage.
Push notifications – the PWA advantage is the capacity to create Push notifications (for Android devices), which then gives new possibilities to reach the customer in real time through personalized messages.
Immediate access – just like applications, stores built with PWA can be saved on the start screen (on Android devices). This enables access to the store with just one click, without entering the URL. It is also possible to open it in the full-screen mode, which makes it even more comparable to mobile applications in the appearance and feeling of the user.
Synchronization with a parent device – the ability to use the location can be built into the site’s architecture. You can then provide a personalized message, which eventually evens out the chances of competing with mobile applications.


All mentioned advantages are achievable thanks to PWA for a fraction of the price of an application with the same result. It is a revolution that has been noticed by developers as well as users. PWA provides many tools to facilitate the store by streamlining subsequent stages of shopping. Progressive Web Apps allow you to synchronize with payment applications, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, which speed up the transactions and improve its security and thus customer trust. PWA facilitates the use of online sales agents known to users, both in the financial and logistic sphere. It gives the efficiency of the action that until now was possible only in the application. In addition, Google has a Lighthouse – a tool for testing network traffic on websites that are compatible with Progressive Web Applications.
Mobile applications paved the way, showing the needs and expectations of clients shopping online. PWA, on the other hand, makes it possible to adapt the apps’ behavior and tools on a widely accessible platform, which is a browser and does it at a much lower price. This opens the door for many sellers, for whom having a professional online store was unobtainable previously.

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