Magento introduces product recommendations powered by AI In Magento Commerce

13.10.2020 Angelika Siczek
magento AI product recommendation

The COVID-19 pandemic has impaired normal functioning in almost every sphere of life. During the stricter sanitary regime and the stay-at-home order, many of us felt the unpleasant consequences of being confined. It contributed to the deterioration of our well-being and the overall quality of life, which we tried to improve in various ways. For many of us, online shopping has become not only a pleasure, but also a necessity. It also found that e-commerce has quickly become the only purchasing option for millions of consumers and businesses that have been forced to adapt to the new situation. Data collected during this hot period by Adobe Analytics indicates that in March 2020, overall e-commerce in the US increased by as much as 25% compared to the previous year. Magento, on the other hand, noted that the site traffic of Magento Commerce sellers worldwide has increased by an average of 30% over the same period, nearly reaching levels typically seen for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.


The new reality of online commerce – Magento Commerce solutions

It is said that e-commerce has grown in importance in recent years. Today, however, it can be said with certainty that it has gained even more momentum due to the wave of the pandemic sweeping the world. In the face of this reality, both large and small companies have started to prioritize investments in technologies enabling online trading. They also try to provide their customers with the most attractive, hassle-free and pleasant shopping experience.


Companies offering solutions for e-commerce business also had to go a step further. So they stepped up their efforts to deliver software that fits the situation faster. The Magento company made a big bow towards its recipients. To create a product that guarantees efficient presentation of goods in e-commerce, it created Product Recommendations based on Adobe Sensei – artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. The solution has become available to all sellers using Magento Commerce around the world.


What changed? Thanks to Recommendations, e-store owners can implement automated and intelligent recommendations of their products on selected store windows. In this way, they help their customers discover the products that are right for them during their shopping journey through the store. Thus, they also increase audience engagement, conversion rate and generate additional revenue.


Why is the AI ​​solution so innovative? First of all, in the past, using artificial intelligence was very costly for many small and medium-sized businesses. It required them to pay additional costs for the work of data analysts and for other technologies and teams managing them. Fortunately, the new version created by Magento helps the sellers reduce unnecessary costs by offering easy automation and speed of use. It also allows entrepreneurs to save valuable time and be able to focus on other ways to grow their business.


Who uses new technologies?

Since Magento launched its Early Access Product Recommendation Program in October last year, it has engaged over 50 sellers. These include HP, Marshall Wolf Automation, and Wyze Labs. The company’s support is also guaranteed by partners, incl. Atwix, Perficient, ComWrap and Absolunet.


As Tyler Jensen, a developer at Marshall Wolf Automation, points out, “Working with the Early Access program has been a fantastic experience. Setting up the product recommendation function went smoothly, and we got thousands of dollars in additional revenue every week. ” It follows that the new solution turned out to be a bull’s eye.


What will you gain by choosing the new Magento feature?

If you already use the Magento sales platform, you have probably learned about its various amenities. With these new options, you can integrate Product Recommendations today and take advantage of several other possibilities.


They include:


Automatically distributed page tagging and catalog synchronization – Marks storefronts instantly without coding or programming. Thanks to this, everything is implemented correctly and without much effort. Your product catalog is automatically synchronized with a dedicated cloud service to relieve the server of data processing.


AI-driven Retailing – Adobe Sensei automatically analyzes shopper behavior with multiple machine learning algorithms. Therefore, it relieves you of the obligation to manually create exact similarities of products based on the collected data. You can do it automatically on a really large scale, even in several of your stores.


9 different recommendation types – you can choose from different recommendation types supported by Sensei and include them in your e-commerce. Among them you will find the ability to display products on the basis of: more similar, trends, watched, watched-bought, most bought and recommended for you. So you can choose the way of presenting products that you think will best suit your customers.


Positive Seller Experience – Integrated UI allows you to easily create, manage and implement product recommendations directly from the Magento Admin panel. You also have access to dedicated indicators at hand that will make it easier for you. These are impressions, clicks, revenue, and more.


Improved user workflow – it makes it easier to create product recommendations in clear and well-defined steps. After activating the Recommendations feature, you can recommend the product to your customers in just a few minutes.


Availability of Recommendations in Magento Commerce

Please note that the Product Recommendations feature is only available to Magento Commerce users. If you belong to this group of sellers, you can download the new extension via Magento Marketplace. The functionality is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.3 and newer versions of the platform.


However, if you want an even more personalized platform for automated testing, sales optimization and cross-channel segmentation, check out what Adobe Target has to offer. However, this is a solution for highly developed e-shops and not necessarily recommended to all entrepreneurs.

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