Adobe Commerce is the new Magento Commerce

21.04.2021 Mateusz Rabiega
adobe summit

Adobe Summit is only a week away. From 27 to 29 April the top names of the world business will share their know-how. The topics will include data analytics, content marketing and marketing automation. But the real news is the consolidation and emerging of a new product – Adobe Commerce.

My name is Adobe Commerce now

Additionally, Adobe has announced that, 3 years after acquisition of Magento, the company is making next step towards the consolidation of solutions.  The producer officially merges two of its services: Adobe Cloud and the enterprise version of Magento. The new platform (supported by Magento) aims at providing clients with comprehensive solutions within one uniform eCommerce platform.

Adobe Summit is a great occasion to catch up on the latest news and refresh one’s knowledge of electric industry good practices.

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