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08.09.2020 Angelika Siczek
team talking about implemeting the magento 2.3.5

The global COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the world of business. The numerous limitations faced by business owners have particularly emphasized the special importance of digital space in the modern economy. Thanks to streamlined processes, sellers can quickly and efficiently adapt to new market conditions. Therefore, they easily modify the strategies operating so far and do not abandon the overriding goal, which is to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. To make it easier for them, Magento Commerce rushes to help you in difficult times of limited resources.


What’s new in Magento?

If you run your own business, making your customers happy is certainly your priority. So you invest in the right tools, design interesting shopping experiences, and take care of the high value of the products offered. All other brands in the world work similarly. Both small businesses and large organizations are constantly looking for ways to deliver rich content and relevant shopping experiences to their audiences. Of course, this is of particular importance in the online sphere, where direct contact with the customer is very limited. So you have to look for other ways to build a relationship with the client than personal charm. To make it easier for you, Magento has prepared a great solution for its recipients.


One of the most important issues is launching a website dedicated to business acceleration. It includes a wealth of best practice tips and resources from across the global ecosystem to help retailers survive this unquestionably difficult period and achieve their intended success.


The new, improved version of Magento Commerce introduces features that improve various possibilities, including taking care of the safety and efficiency of e-commerce businesses. Thanks to them, sellers are able to achieve profits, but also provide their customers with an extraordinary shopping experience. This is an especially important issue in these uncertain times. It is worth observing it carefully and reacting to rapidly changing sales conditions around the world.


What new functionalities appear in Magento Commerce 2.3.5?

Among the introduced changes, it is worth focusing on those that bring the greatest results when working with the customer of the store. Therefore, if you are the recipient of the Magento Commerce offer, you get:


  • The ability to work with artificial intelligence. It will help you develop your e-business more effectively. By integrating Adobe Sensei with the new Product Recommendations feature, the process of delivering a more relevant experience to your customers during their shopping journey in your store has been automated. You can choose the products directly for the user and easily place them in the right place to be sure that he will pay attention to them.
  • The ability to offer more efficient content creation and reuse across a wide variety of sites. You can do it with the help of the Website Builder. This is where you will find templates in which you can save previously created content and their layouts. Thanks to this, you will save time and resources on creating new descriptions from scratch. You can use templates to quickly launch new pages or to create additional localized sites without having to write everything from scratch. Moreover, as companies put more effort into communicating with their customers during a pandemic to inform them of the COVID-19 transaction status, templates allow you to quickly create a basic structure suitable for each of your brands, save it, and then use in the indicated place. Of course, each template of this type can be customized according to your brand’s visual identity.
  • Access to the Amazon Sales Channel extension for a faster and easier onboarding process. In addition to the new user interface with a modern design that guarantees readability and clarity of website navigation, you get the option of linking your Magento store with an Amazon seller account. This operation is also extremely easy and you can certainly cope with it without much experience in configuring this type of settings.


You can download the new version of Magento Commerce extensions from the Magento Marketplace. You can find the user manual on the service provider’s website in the User’s Guide. Remember that the new scenario deployment process for Magento Commerce is hosted in a cloud infrastructure. In the new version, all basic payments except PayPal have also been withdrawn. If you want to learn more about the functioning of Magento Commerce 2.3.5., Please contact us – we will certainly help you dispel any doubts!

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