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29.12.2020 Angelika Siczek
magento useful extensions

If you are an e-commerce trader, you may be one of the lucky ones who not only survived the difficult period of the lockdown but also saw significant gains in profits. Such a pleasant surprise during the COVID-19 pandemic happened to many retailers who developed their businesses despite the crisis.


Data analysis for Magento stores 

Analyzes by Digital Commerce 360 ​​and the U.S. Department of Commerce show that in the first six months of 2020, consumers spent $ 347.26 billion. This is an increase of 30.1% from $ 266.84 in the same period in 2019. What’s more, referring to the data from the first half of last year, e-Commerce sales increased by only 12.7% compared to the previous years. It is also worth emphasizing that online spending accounted for as much as 18.6% of total retail sales in the first two quarters of 2020. Statista emphasizes that the average monthly traffic on sales websites from around the world in June 2020 was 21.96 billion. This is a truly amazing result and proof of the dynamic development of the entire e-commerce industry.


It turns out that visits to online stores during the pandemic were definitely more than the highest average monthly traffic in 2019, reaching even 20.08 billion views during the special sales period – Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM). Reflecting on these numbers, you can conclude that by carrying out appropriate activities, you can use the existing potential even more and turn it into success – in the area of ​​BFCM and other sales periods, you can double your efforts to meet the expectations of users. How to do it? Discover the list of the best Magento solutions that will help you make even better use of your campaign’s potential!


What solutions to use during Black Friday and other occasions?

Investing in the development of an e-shop is an integral part of running an effective commercial activity. For this purpose, various extensions and add-ons dedicated to the Magento platform are created. Check out the list of the most popular and, in our opinion, the most useful tools!


SMB Solutions, that is all in one for small and medium-sized businesses

During special holidays and trading occasions, it can be difficult to get a trustworthy and reliable outsourcing solution that offers a comprehensive approach with interactive responsive Magento themes. However, there is a tool worth noting – MageDelight. It is a software for small and medium-sized enterprises, thanks to which you can create a functioning store in just 3 weeks. It allows you to set up a fully functioning e-shop in 5 simple steps. So it is a good solution when you want to quickly move your brand to the next level!


Google One Tap

MageComp Google One Tap Login Extension for Magento will give you the best customer service! How? First of all, shortening the time of registration and login. Thanks to it, your client can enter his account with one click – without the need to enter a password or fill out complicated registration forms. All you need to do is log in to your Google account in your browser and it’s ready!


A huge plus of Google One Tap is also the help that the software provides Magento sellers. It directly contributes to increasing the customer registration rate in the store. It is also a great solution for all e-shop owners who have opted out of offering shopping as a guest. The module facilitates quick login or user registration, even without entering a password, if it has been remembered previously. This, in turn, directly translates into not wasting time, which modern customers do not like so much, and increasing the sales revenue of the store.


HubSpot Magento 2 Integration Extension

What is the key to run a modern online store? Creating experiences should be put first, because they generate stronger user engagement and increase the number of conversions. In order not to try to do everything at once – to focus on all the technical aspects of leading nonsense and to provide new experiences for recipients, focus on automation techniques in marketing. They will help you to improve the functioning of your business strategy during big sales. One solution is HubSpot Magento 2 from CedCommerce.


It is a tool that allows you to synchronize critical business data from a Magento store to HubSpot – inbound marketing software that helps you acquire new customers and increase sales. Automation of various marketing processes can be achieved by integrating both platforms. Then, analytical reports generated from activities will help in better planning of subsequent activities.


During the hot sale and promotion period, this extension will help you sell in many ways. It will facilitate the creation of automated workflows for numerous marketing processes. It will allow you to run an efficient e-mail campaign, create personalized correspondence in the event of the cart abandonment by the user, track the course of the entire campaign, analyze the return on investment and many other options. Remember, working on process optimization will allow you to maximize your results!


PayTrace Magento 2 extension

It is a payment gateway extension designed with developer efforts and excellent customer service in mind. PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2 provides online transactions in a user-friendly environment. It is a system that can be easily adapted to your needs. How does it work? Payment is made automatically by the checkout and without even a second delay. In this way, customers really feel satisfied with their transactions and are more likely to return to the e-store that offers this solution.


Gift Wrapper for Magento 2

Gift Wrapper for Magento 2 is a software that will allow your customers to buy gift products for their loved ones with the option of packing them and sending them with postcards.


How does the extension work and what exactly does it offer?

1. Back-office creation and management of packaging and dedicated postcards.

2. Assigning packaging and a postcard to a given product. Choosing a place where customers can choose the right packaging and a card – on the product page or at the checkout at the payment stage.

3. Possibility to set a fixed or dynamic price for wrapping paper, based on customer orders.

4. Possibility of packing products selected by the customer together or individually.


It is a great tool that is worth using during, for example, upcoming Christmas or birthdays, when people are looking for ways to give gifts to their loved ones. Especially in times of a pandemic, when some family meetings will be definitely difficult. As a store owner, you can help your customers prepare carefully wrapped gift boxes by offering them a complete and convenient service – even with the option to design your own packaging and card to suit the occasion or gift. Thanks to this, you will warm the image of your brand and attract customers looking for this type of service.



Each of the above-mentioned extensions aims to attract your customers. However, there is one important point that shouldn’t be forgotten – none of them will really matter if users abandon their carts and not become your customers.


What to do to prevent this from happening and how to improve the conversion on the checkout page? If you are using Magento 1 or 2, you have probably noticed that the default payment present on the platform does not take into account the reason why visitors are abandoning their carts. Among the key reasons for this, we can distinguish:


1. Too long checkout process, i.e. illiquid or too slow loading of the checkout page or execution of a transaction extending over several subpages that must be clicked to make the payment.

2. No order costs visible in advance, which from the user’s perspective means a surprise regarding shipping or other additional charges.

3. The so-called registration wall, i.e. forcing an account before making a transaction.


OneStepCheckout is the solution to all of the above problems. This software allows you to shape the way of transactions in the Magento store as the consumers want. In effect, this leads to reduced cart abandonment.


The effectiveness of the OneStepCheckout solution is evidenced by examples of great brands that have placed their trust in them, such as Nestlé, Guinness and Everlast.


GoMage LightCheckout 

Staying on the topic of abandoned baskets, many sellers struggle with this problem around Christmas and seasonal sales. The main reason for such a situation is the already mentioned too long and complicated ordering process with obligatory filling in a large number of fields spread over several pages of the website.


Another solution to this problem is GoMage LightCheckout. This software ensures quick and easy shopping cart use. It improves the last step in the customer’s journey through the store by placing the entire product checkout process on one subpage. It provides all the relevant information needed to complete the transaction there. LightCheckout is a fully customizable extension ready for mobile devices, providing a really smooth customer service.


What are the key features of GoMage LightCheckout?

1. Customizable – You can make your checkout page an integral part of your website design by configuring CSS and HTML code.

2. Mobile Trade Ready – LightVheckout is optimized for mobile devices and guarantees the same user experience across all devices.

3. Possibility to place an order as a guest and as a registered user – logging in using a login from social media or an e-mail address.

4. Subscription to the newsletter – the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter directly from the checkout page.

5. GeoIP technology – is a feature that allows you to automatically complete the country, city and zip code based on the customer’s location. Thanks to this, you does not have to waste time entering information on your own.

6. No cart page – you can limit the number of steps necessary to place an order by disabling the cart.

7. You can direct your customers directly to the checkout page.

8. Over 30 payment gateways – LightCheckout extension offers you over 30 payment gateways, so your customers will not be limited in choosing the payment method.



Now you know which extensions to use in your e-shop. By even deciding on one thing, you take a step towards improving the functioning of your business. Remember that this is a win-win, both for you and your consumers. A satisfied customer means a real increase in your profits!

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