Magento Enterprise – what it is?

14.02.2013 Angelika Siczek

Magento Eterpise it’s a paid Magento system version that offer powerful, flexible features and complete tools for e-Commerce success. Annual fees starting with 14,420$  include powerful marketing and merchandising tools,  helping dedicated assistant from the Magento Technical Support, higher security, scalable performance, mobile HTML5 web store and many more. What exactly does Magento Enterprise give?


Promotion Tools with Magento Enterprise

Customer Segmentation – you can segment customers according to demographics like location, gender, age or by shopper behavior. Additional advantage is possible to categorize first-time site visitors and target them with special offers to convert them into buyers.

Search engine optimization – you can set SEO-friendly URLs, auto-generated site map, Google site map, customize meta keywords, descriptions, titles for each products and category.

Targeted Promotions & Merchandising – with Magento Enterprise it’s possible to display special content, promotions and pricing targeted to any customer segment. You have also possibility to send newsletter to these groups.

Custom Coupons – easy managment, coupon usage monitoring and generatingevan detailed reports.

Rating & Reviews – you can offer rewards to brand-evangelists who post a review or spread the world about your store site using social media.


Easier purchase process with Magento Enterprise

Search machine– faster searching process that let to configure search option such as spelling, synonyms and stop words to improve the speed and quality of search results.

Cookies use– Magento Enterprise allows customers to switch between devices and browsers. This contains using a long-term cookie when customers must only login once and they can make shopping.


Other facilities of Magento Enterprise

Customer Reward Points – You can add loyalty program for your customers and set point values for various customer actions (register, writing review, refer friends and others).

Private Sales – offer making a special “sale site” with invitation only access. You can determine the date and time that your sale begins and ends (You can use special countdown timer).

Automatic Email Reminders – you can send friendly reminders about abandoned shopping cards, wish list and others (it’s fully configurable and customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity).

Wish List – it’s possible to share wish list with friends and family.

Gift Registry – customers can make gifted registry which allows their friends and family to do shopping.

Gift Card – possibility to offer physical or virtual gift cards (You can predetermine gift card values or allow customers to enter their own amount).


Magento Enterprise – much more

Enterprise Edition can easily accommodate even the largest product catalogues, numbers of visitors and transactions. Architecture is designed to support tens of thousands of transactions per hour to give your shoppers a seamless shopping experience. It also allows to test new categories, product, information or promotions before putting the changes into practice. One licence opens a numerous varieties of creating and managing the multiple independent website.


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