Who should choose Magento?

10.12.2012 Angelika Siczek

When we opening online store very often we have the problem of choosing the right software. It should be noted that the choice is really big, taking into a account paid solutions. However if we take into account only free platform choice becomes quite modest. Magento certainly dominated all of them.


For whom is Magento?

Magento is designed for conscious customers who want to open medium or large shop offering at least a few hundred or even few dozen products. Of course this does not mean that it cannot be used on a small scale. Of course it is possible, but you must remember that such implementation cost is higher than for other platforms.


Magento – what it is?

Magento is developed over six years. The first version appeared in August 2007. The same application written in PHP and based on Zend Framework – code heavily uses objects and an abstraction layer to access data (PDO), is a very well written on the technical side. Many of the changes don’t require any changes in the code, and the only change in the administration panel.


Is Magento complicated?

Stores based on Magento require primarily developer practice in the proper configuration. However, the right initial setup makes that in future administration is solely to changes only by clicking in administration panel. For example, the functionality of our store of discount vouchers can be excommunicated much easier in a traditional osCommerce.


Is dedicated hosting required for Magento?

Not necessarily, although Magento actually has high server requirements, and if you want to install them on your local computer, it is better to have at least gigahertz processor. If you run it on a shared hosting is a lot depends on that hosting. Global4Net helps you to right choose and optimize shop’s hosting to platform requirements.  For ultimate convenience, especially under many load (several thousand hits per day, you will need dedicated hosting.


Advantages of Magento?

Magento has to offer really big range of possibilities:

–          Rules of prices (promotions, discount coupons, cart rules, free shipping from the x €/$, etc.),

–          Generate Google Sitemap,

–          Fully configurable URLs,

–          Many stores in one Magento,

–          Managing static pages and blocks of CMS,

–          Convenient backend interface,

–          And many more…

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