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11.04.2019 Angelika Siczek
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LinkedIn is correlated with a social platform where you can present yourself from your professional side. Enables you to create a virtual resume and briefing information about yourself. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to make business contacts, find people to work with or find employment with. It works great in B2B collaboration. Thanks to this service, you can show yourself at your best. In addition to the content you write about yourself, photos and graphics affect the positive perception of your profile.

Personal profile

Let’s start with a personal profile. Your profile photo will bring the best result if it is not very pronounced and serves as a sort of background. Your outfit does not have to be official, but you certainly can not overdo it with the casualty. The best effect is ensured by a well-groomed everyday outfit. In the picture you choose, you should smile to leave a good first impression. The photo should, of course, be well lit. Normally, daylight is sufficient to make the photo appear as it should. It does not matter if the photo was taken vertically or horizontally since the recommended dimensions of the profile image are 400 x 400 pixels, which is the square format. Nevertheless, LinkedIn formats the uploaded photos in a circle that you should remember. The maximum image size is 8 MB, but such a low resolution is difficult to exceed.
Another element that creates your personal profile is a photo in the background. You can use the pool of graphics provided by LinkedIn to do this. Unquestionably, wanting to stand out from the competition, you can use your own. The background graphics should have 1584 x 396 pixels, and should not exceed 4 MB.

Company profile

You can also create company profiles on LinkedIn. It makes the user-created resume interactive. You can view profiles of specific companies and learn more about the scope of their work. These profiles contain a description of their activities, information on current projects, information on employees and job offers. This is a very useful tool for job seekers in certain companies.
Graphics, like personal profiles, play a distinctive and presenting role. The profile picture should contain the company logo. The publication of photos in a company profile increases the reputation, as a well-maintained business location is a sign that the company is aware of its image. The profile picture of the company page profile should be 300 x 300 pixels. The image is displayed in a square format, unlike the personal profile.
Graphics in the background are even more effective to distinguish the profile, if only because of the freedom of expression that it leaves. It may show the company’s motto, photos showing the office or employees. It can also be a picture showing the company’s latest project. Regardless of the choice of character, the image in the background should have dimensions of 1536 x 768 pixels. Graphics suited to these dimensions look best. Images too large will be cut off and too small will be stretched, which will destroy their quality.

Wall update

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity of sharing graphics on the profile wall. This way, you can update the wall in the form of posts, informing visitors about events important for your personal professional life or company life. Posts enhanced with graphics are much more attractive and catch your eye. It gives the opportunity to create an attractive profile for all who want to establish cooperation but also increases prestige by sharing important events in professional life. The size of the images to be shared should be 1200 x 627 pixels. Remember, however, that LinkedIn is not Facebook and all materials must be professional.
Besides sharing graphics in posts, you can also attach graphics to promoting posts. Following the same way as in the case of graphics in posts, an image attached to an advertising campaign can definitely increase the number of visits. The right graphics will catch the eye and thus the attention of the viewer and will increase the chances of raising interest in your campaign. The size of the graphics attached to the advertising campaign is the same as in the case of posts, or 1200 x 627 pixels.
Considering specific sizes of graphics will allow you to create profiles that will look neat and professional. This approach to both your personal and company profile will be a sign of your integrity, commitment, and professionalism. These are all three features that are valued most by both employers and customers.

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