Global4Net’s 2018 summary

27.12.2018 Angelika Siczek
There is a lot of energy in the Global4Net team after the holiday break and we are definitely ready for New Year’s challenges, but let’s stop for a minute to see what has happened in the company throughout 2018. We’d like to invite you to read this short summary.


The year 2018 was a breakthrough year for the company, we acquired a dozen or so of new clients. In addition to takeovers of control on current projects, we have completed several large implementations of new stores based on Magento 2, among others for Greenie Polska, MpTech, Fabimax, and What’s more, the situation in the upcoming months looks to be even more interesting. Nearly 70% of new customers found us thanks to recommendations by other companies cooperating with us already. We have also strongly developed competencies related to PIM implementations, including the key for us – Akeneo and Pimcore, and therefore, extending the services we provide to the implementation of these systems.


In 2018, the Global4Net team has nearly doubled, dynamic development required a lot of effort on the part of both new and existing people employed in the company. Although at the beginning of 2018, the company moved to a new office, increasing its office space by three times, at the end of the year, it turned out that it became insufficient within those few months and in December we signed a contract for additional office space. Already at the moment, for the first quarter of 2019, we plan to welcome several new people to the team. It is related with the next newly signed contracts for the development of Magento 2 systems, but also with implementations of our flagship project, which is PWA for Magento 2 based on React, being the only one in the world fully compatible with PWA Magento Studio, a solution dedicated strictly to Magento.


In addition to implementation projects, we have completed numerous internal projects that improve the quality of implementations. These include three React workshops for team members taking place three times a week. We put a lot of effort into refining the methodology of work, moving from a typical scrum to the Agile PM methodology. At the same time, we undertook actions aimed at raising the quality of the implementations themselves, including through further refining the methodology of the dockerisation of production environments, implementation of selected continuous integration and continuous delivery methods in selected projects. At the same time, we carried out research and development work in the fields of using tools such as Kubernetes, especially in projects using AWS and microservices. In 2019, we want to focus on further development and popularization of our flagship PWA solution for Magento and strengthen cooperation between Magento and Global4Net.

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