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07.01.2019 Angelika Siczek
The Chamber Of Electronic Economy represents and supports the interests of companies related to the electronic economy market in Poland. Joining the Chamber is a natural step on the way to company development and willingness to participate in the most important decisions regarding the Polish e-commerce market.
Global4Net członkiem Izby Gospodarki Elektornicznej

The most important objectives of the Chamber Of Electronic Economy

The mission of the Chamber Of Electronic Economy is the development of the Polish digital industry through cooperation, exchange of know-how, legislative activities and strong and effective representation of common interests in dialogue with the institutions of the Polish government administration, the European Union and non-governmental organizations in the country and the world.
The most significant goals include:
representation and support of the economic interests of companies associated with the electronic economy market in Poland, with particular emphasis on companies associated in the Chamber,
the development of the economy in its various industries in the country and in Europe thanks to the use of technological, information and communication innovations (ICT), including the Internet, hardware and software, and their practical applications in running a business,
supporting entrepreneurs (especially small and medium ones) by providing knowledge (know-how) and technological solutions,
supporting the society in the use of digital solutions.

Events supported by the Chamber Of Electronic Economy

The Chamber is a supporter of various events relevant to the Polish E-commerce market. Among them are:
School of Digital Economy – cross-border trade in cooperation with the Ministry of Digitization
Digital Economy Forum – the largest e-Chamber event for 200 people
E-Commerce Poland Awards 2018 – which also includes two important events at the e-Commerce Poland awards Competition Gala and the Personality of the Polish Digital Economy Competition
Buys on the Internet – an event promoting online shopping
Performance Day CEE
Performance Marketing Diamonds.
In addition to many events, the  Chamber Of Electronic Economy supports education in the field of activities related to the broadly understood e-commerce industry. All these activities are part of the Global4Net strategy, which strongly focuses not only on implementation but also on education and promotion in the field of the latest solutions used in international e-commerce and their transfer to the Polish e-commerce.

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