Global4Net Takes Over The Technical Care Of Recrute

We are pleased to announce that we have taken over the technical care of Recrute, an internet job exchange platform. The website is a platform providing the latest online recruitment tools, at the same time giving effective assistance and support in establishing contacts between employers and job seekers.


Global4Net’s activities are aimed at strengthening and accelerating further development of the platform in order to create the best job exchange on the Polish market. We believe that a good online job market should offer an interactive platform for employers and candidates, making the job search process and hiring new employees effective and allowing to reduce the waiting period to a minimum.


The implementation of a responsive version, refreshing the website’s image and the optimization of the platform are the main challenges facing the Global4Net’s team. Introduction of improvements through continuous development, we hope that the service will join the group of leaders in its industry in the near future. We want our service to be seen by all users as a reliable, committed and effective partner. Through our activities, we strive to strengthen the prestige of the brand by meeting the needs of users and implementing the most innovative solutions and functionalities.

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