Integration of Global4Net and Unity Group teams 

11.07.2023 Katarzyna Zajchowska

Global4Net has been part of Unity Group for more than a year now. During this time we have managed to carry out many wonderful, extremely rewarding projects together and we can safely say that it has been a very fruitful period. We knew we had to celebrate it….  

… and that’s why the idea for the BIG FAT PARTY UG x G4N came up. It was not an easy task, after all, there are currently more than 550 people on the board of Unity Group! Fortunately, we have great skills not only in digital transformation – we are equally effective in Employer Branding, so we organized an integration for both companies, which was attended by group employees from all over Poland.   

What can we say? It was simply amazing. Those present will probably only confirm that such integrations do not happen every day. Field game, karaoke, delicious food, dancing and talking until the morning. Richer by these experiences, we know that we like each other not only at work, but also in private. This accounts for our strength – Unity Group is, after all, a fantastic and close-knit team of people!  

And if any of you didn’t believe us, just take a look at these photos. 😊 

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    Andrzej Szylar

    Chief Executive Officer


    Magdalena Paczyńska-Kamienik

    HR Manager


    Aleksandra Bielawska-Clegg

    HR Business Partner



    Michał Duława

    New Business Developer



    Katarzyna Zajchowska

    Marketing Partner