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15.07.2020 Angelika Siczek

The sales platform is the most important in running an online business, especially in the case of e-commerce. It is thanks to it that you sell your goods, acquire customers and develop the entire enterprise. Without a proper sales service, it is not possible to run a fully online business.


A properly designed sales platform responds to dynamically changing customer needs. Its purpose is not only to present and sell the assortment, but also to guarantee users satisfaction with their purchases and encourage to make them again. It is thanks to the intuitive, simple and user-friendly platform that disposable customers become systematic, who will be happy to recommend the store to their friends. For this reason, from the very beginning of setting up the website, you need to pay attention to its appropriate adaptation. On the other hand, in the case of modernizing an existing platform, it is worth taking a look at the functions that will make shopping and all related operation much easier than before.


We used these types of strategies while working on the ŚWIATŁOLUX platform. First of all, we focused on adding new functionalities that facilitate navigation and orientation in the company’s assortment from the customer’s perspective, and guarantee the website owners a fully modern and profitable platform. See what the implemented changes are and what are the effects of our work!


Changes introduced on the ŚWIATŁOLUX platform

Any changes to the e-commerce website should be preceded by a careful analysis. It is worth precisely defining your expectations and setting the points that are the most important. In the case of the ŚWIATŁOLUX platform, we focused primarily on improving the User Experience of the store’s customers. This is an extremely important issue, because it largely determines whether the customer makes a purchase in a given store. If a given e-commerce platform does not have the most modern features, there is a high risk that customers will switch to competitors’ offers. Where did we start the changes?


Possibility to register a B2B account

The recipients of the ŚWIATŁOLUX.PL store are not only individual customers from the B2C sector. Among them there are also entrepreneurs (B2B sector) who require a decidedly different approach. So to make it easier for companies to make purchases, we decided to introduce the possibility of registering a B2B account. It has a separate marking in relation to the accounts for the B2C sector. What’s more, by using it, the user has the option of selecting a telephone contact, indicating that the store employees are to contact him. This makes it easier to close deals, which often involve large orders.


Free products

Freebies are products that you get for free when you buy other products. They are a great way to promote your brand and, moreover, they often attract customers who, like everyone else, enjoy receiving gifts. In order to apply this mechanism on the ŚWIATŁ platform, we have introduced a solution that allows the customer to choose a free bonus after exceeding the specified value of the order. The functionality is that the price includes the creation of a new type of product along with its assignment in the administration panel. The gratis is therefore related to the order amount, and not to the product. This form certainly brings joy to customers who, in addition to the purchased item, also receive a gift.


Video module in the gallery on the product card

Online buyers often carry out a thorough research of the selected items before making the final purchase. They compare, read reviews, compare parameters, look at photos and finally videos! The latter are especially important in a modern approach to trade, where the customer can see the selected product at his fingertips. For this reason, on the ŚWIATŁOLUX e-commerce platform, we have created the option of saving YouTube videos in the administration panel, and then playing them in the gallery on the product card. While browsing the product, the customer can see how it is presented in the video material, i.e. how it looks in reality.


Calendar, or free delivery counter

A significant proportion of customers are more likely to make purchases if they have the option of using the free shipping option. Although the delivery amounts are often not excessive, the possibility of saving even a few pln (it’s a Polish currency) makes a big difference in making a decision about choosing a store. To encourage potential customers, we have implemented a calendar on the ŚWIATŁOLUX website that allows you to check on which days the customer can count on free delivery. What’s more, this solution allows the service provider to exclude specific days from the counter for free delivery, as well as expand the possibility of handling holidays. Such functionalities make it easier for store employees to perform their duties and increase the comfort of purchases made by customers.


Handling of large-size products

Orders placed in stores often differ in size. Therefore, couriers charge different amounts of fees for the transport of goods. A similar situation occurs in the case of the ŚWIATŁOLUX.PL platform, which is why we have introduced the option of handling large-size products. It is based on the fact that the appropriate method and price of delivery are adjusted depending on the size and weight of the products. Thanks to this, the customer knows what exactly he is paying the fee for and has no doubts about the legitimacy of the amount charged for the shipment.


Navigation – Breadcrumbs

Easy and intuitive navigation is very important on every page, especially in sales websites. The customer navigating through individual subpages and viewing various products, sometimes wants to return to the previous category of interest along the same path. Thanks to breadcrubs it gains this possibility. How? Breadcrumbs are visible on the listing and on the product card, which tell the user which product category they are in. Thanks to this, if he wants to return to the items he has viewed before, he will know where to look for them without any problems.


Knowledge Center – blog

We mentioned above that the final product selection is usually preceded by in-depth user research. This applies to various types of products and regardless of their size or price, modern customers like to make an informed choice. For this reason, it is worth running a blog as part of the website. It helps to build the image of an expert, regularly published articles arouse the interest of users and attract their attention, and what is more – they often help in choosing products and inspire them to buy. Substantive and knowledge-rich articles will surely bring a return in the form of an increased number of customers.


Advanced discounts

Receiving discounts when shopping is another aspect that increases customer satisfaction with contact with a given brand. Thanks to various types of reductions, customers feel that the company cares about them. By introducing changes on the ŚWIATŁOLUX.PL platform, we took care of the advanced discount option, i.e. the possibility of granting discounts of various amounts. Granting discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and more percent depends on the order value of a given product and can be easily set in the administration panel.



The improvement and development of purchasing platforms is a very rewarding process for both platform owners and their customers, as well as for people introducing changes. Thanks to this type of implementations, you can observe a real increase in profits, and thus user satisfaction. A well-functioning, modern e-commerce platform is the first step to success, and introducing beneficial changes is a stage of continuous development, without which the company would stagnate after some time. If you want to develop your own platform, please contact us. Together, we will surely find the best solution for you!

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