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31.05.2018 Angelika Siczek

Red Machine ( is a service offering products from the home and garden equipment department. The store’s offer includes tens of thousands of products from well-known global designers. The Red Machine is the oldest Polish online store with design and at the same time a leader both in its industry and in terms of modern e-commerce solutions. For over 14 years, the store offers the highest quality items – beautiful, functional with a unique design. A significant part of the offer are products imported directly from producers from the European Union.


Integration Magento – Streamsoft Verto

Integration with the Stremasoft Verto warehouse program allowing for the exchange of information about the total offer and integrating several tens of thousands of product prices and their inventory in almost real time, allowing operation even in the most dynamic period of sales peaks such as the period of post-holiday sales. Integration of customer cards allowing for the exchange of information on purchases between Magento and the ERP system. Full product integration that allows you to import products with features of various types, such as drop-down list, multiselect, price, etc. The module allows you to map new features and types with features in Streamsoft Verto. Synchronization of rebates and gift packages.


Catalog of designers and brands

The catalog allows you to view designers and brands, it has been extended with the practical function of filtering on the letters of the alphabet. In addition to the description, the designer card also presents products divided into brands for which a designer is created. On the other hand, the catalog of brands also bind designers and presents products within the collection in which they appeared.


Collection module

The module allows you to bind products within the collection. In addition to the collective collection card, it is also possible to move to the products from the collection also from the product’s card level, thanks to which the customer can easily choose products that visually match the right choice.


Dynamic addition of CMS blocks to product listing

The ability of site administrators to add static content interlacing the store’s product offer. Dynamic matching of the product offer with added blocks. The administrator’s ability to specify the number of columns to be included in the desktop version and the scaling of blocks in the mobile version make this system one of the more advanced solutions of this type used in Magento platforms.

An extensive module of returns and complaints

An extensive extension of returns and complaints that allows you to print out the return label yourself, and run client-administrator communication through a separate panel. Collection of applications in one place of the administrator’s panel together with the history of comments. The administrator can change the status of the application and set the time for which the customer can submit a refund or complaint.


Dynamic menu

Dynamic menu allowing to set the number of columns and matching the appropriate category to the appropriate column within the category. Possibility to replace columns with places and placing highlighted static blocks or products within the main category. The menu also takes into account the website’s responsiveness.


A more accurate search engine for Elastic Search

The search engine of Elastich Search, which allows you to give weight to individual elements presenting in the hints both products with photos and categories within which the searched products are found, enables efficient browsing of the searched offer by the user.

Gift packaging

The possibility of adding gift packaging by customers to selected products. Packaging assigned to the ordered product and sent to the ERP system.


A completely redesigned shopping process

A streamlined shopping process that increases conversion by nearly 34%. Purchase path shortened to three steps complemented with dynamic validation of fields and postal code numbers with automatically matched payment forms and delivery forms as well as fields to be completed by the user within selected methods.

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