Choose the right company for you – how to look for a job as a programmer?

19.06.2023 Katarzyna Zajchowska

The Polish Economic Institute reports that Poland has a clear shortage of IT personnel estimated at nearly 150,000 vacancies. The unfilled positions are generating clear losses, due to the fact that IT companies are losing projects they can’t complete without the right professionals. Despite such high demand in this sector of the market, graduates are not able to seal it, and neither are foreign specialists. It would seem, then, that every programmer, developer or coder has a basically secure job. However, an insatiable market can make it challenging for these professionals to find the best employer. The question then becomes, how do you look for a job while being a programmer? How do you choose the right company for you?

How to find a job as a programmer? Is it a difficult challenge?

The IT market is quite specific, demanding, challenging, but it can also be extremely monotonous. The latter characteristic will be especially present in the life of a novice coder, who has to learn the ins and outs of many languages, spend countless hours in front of the computer to become proficient in a given environment. Despite such a huge demand, not all programmers find employment. This is due, among other things, to the fact that today intensive short programming courses strongly tempt with the prospect of large salaries. These very often turn out to be insufficient even to get hired as a junior, especially since the requirements for a coder today are comparable to those in Western markets.

The IT market is much more favorable to experienced programmers. These, in principle, can run through offers, and companies are already encouraging not only by salary, but a whole range of attractive, non-financial benefits.

Good resume and portfolio still at a premium

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or have a number of completed projects behind you, attractively prepared resumes and portfolios in this industry are welcome. However, especially those programmers just starting out with their careers should carefully approach the development of such documents. The resume must highlight what is our greatest asset. As far as programmers are concerned, this would be known programming languages or proficient tools. A good practice is to support the listed skills with a real realization, a success that has already been developed and achieved.

Keep in mind that it is the resume and portfolio that are supposed to entice the recruiter to invite you for an interview, during which the assets may be selectively discussed.

Where to look for a job as a programmer? Not just industry job portals

It’s a good idea to start your search by browsing industry portals that bring together offers exclusively from the IT industry. The huge demand for professionals in this environment has led many job portals to focus exclusively on this industry. Portals often have an imposed salary range, which makes it much easier to decide whether or not to apply. Another important convenience is that the listings are usually grouped into specific technologies or the expected level of sophistication expected of the candidate.

However, nothing prevents us from also looking directly at the websites of agencies, companies in the industry. It will come much easier for us to sense a potential employer, to evaluate their site, communication, image. If there is a career tab on the site, we can learn much more from it than just who is currently in demand. This is where there may be information relating to benefits, or the entire recruitment process will be presented.

Benefits – an important decision factor

IT companies today operate very often with budgets that do not differ from those abroad, which clearly stabilizes the migration of programmers from company to company. Reaching a certain earning level does not generate the need to change jobs, chasing more and more money. Thus, other issues begin to gain importance. The organizational culture itself, in particular, is increasingly appreciated, as well as the work models developed.

However, when facing the choice of one or another IT company, programmers may want to familiarize themselves with the aforementioned aspects, as well as additional benefits. Medical care or a multisport card are already standard today, but such benefits as flexible working hours, acquiring more competencies confirmed by a certificate, investing in the employee, access to platforms with courses are already strong arguments for choosing an employer who provides these.

Jobs for programmers are not in short supply, the market demand is huge. You should start your search by looking at the ads on industry portals. However, we do not have to limit ourselves to them. It’s also a good idea to reach out to friends, browse social media and even go to an industry event.

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