Pimcore and Magento – how to connect them and why it’s worth it

09.08.2022 Angelika Siczek
pimcore and magento how to connect them and why its worth it

Magento is undoubtedly one of the best e-commerce platforms ever. It’s comprehensive and flexible – useful in tons of different business setups, both B2C and B2B. However, for obvious reasons, Magento cannot do everything. That’s why it needs to be supplemented with other software, e.g., a PIM (product information management) system. And this is where Pimcore steps into the game. How can you connect these two platforms, and why should you do so?

In general, Pimcore is a platform that allows you to manage various assets in your online store more effectively. This refers primarily to product information management but also:

  • Customer data
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Master data management (MDM) and several other elements

If you run an online store on Magento, we have good news. Pimcore can be fully integrated with this e-commerce platform, and the whole process is rather straightforward (primarily thanks to the same tech stack, API, and a special connector). But let’s start with the beginning.

Why would you integrate Magento and Pimcore?

In short, because this way, you will significantly increase your store’s capabilities. Today, customers and more and more demanding, and online stores have to operate quickly and flawlessly. That’s what Pimcore offers – streamlined operation of your e-commerce business.

From many perspectives, product data is the central part of your store. If you sell ten or even fifty products, managing their information is relatively easy – it can be done manually. Things get tricky when you have 100, 1,000, or more products. With so many product descriptions and other related assets (pictures, how-to videos, 360 presentations, etc.), managing all of that by hand is not only ineffective but simply impossible. You need a platform to help you automate the gathering, optimizing, and updating of product data. And that’s what Pimcore is for. This platform enables businesses to create and manage product content and deliver relevant product data to every channel and market segment (which is crucial in the omnichannel model).

The role of Pimcore is perfectly depicted in the graphic below. This software gives you control over a wide range of data assets, including product data. With it, you can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and amount of product data, customer data, digital assets, and content and share all that information among your communication and sales channels:

integration of services through pimcore

Image source: pimcore.com

Now, the valid question is how to integrate both these platforms.

How to integrate Magento and Pimcore

The first thing you need to know is that both these tools use the same technology stack – LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). This means that the team that helps you with Magento will also be capable of setting and integrating Pimcore for you. Moreover, both platforms can communicate via the API protocol, which is a standard solution when it comes to combining two different digital tools.


To make things even easier, you can use a special connector that makes the integration quick and seamless. The connector is compatible with Magento 2 and Pimcore 5.2 and above. Pimcore has published an infographic showing how these two platforms work together using the connector: 

pimcore and magento schematic

Image source: pimcore.com

The connector enables you to transfer all the necessary information to Magento quickly, and that’s including:

  • Texts
  • Numbers
  • Dates
  • Relations
  • Classification
  • Object bricks
  • Localized fields
  • Images
  • Image galleries

In the link above, you can find all the relevant information and a step-by-step guide showing you how to integrate these two platforms. Once you integrate Pimcore and Magento, you will have a comprehensive e-commerce system that supports you in everything you need to do to succeed online. See for yourself how easy your work can be when you have the proper tools at your disposal!

If you run an online store on Magento we strongly encourage you to give Pimcore a try. Thanks to this software, you can not just integrate all the product data but also make the most of multistore support and process monitoring and notifications so that you know if everything works as it should.

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If you have a hard time integrating Pimcore and Magento, we are more than happy to help. We know both these tools inside out, and we know how to integrate them so that your store can benefit from the full capabilities of both these platforms.

If you’d like to find out more, just go to the contact section and reach out. Our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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