When is it worth betting on Magento?

07.06.2022 Angelika Siczek

Operating an online shop requires appropriate software for this purpose. Depending on the advancement and size of the website, several popular solutions may be applied. One of them is a system based on open source – the Magento. In which cases it will be the optimal choice?

Enormous success of the Magento software

Work on the platform began in 2007 and the platform was officially released the following year. The success was so pronounced that in 2011 the entire project was bought out by eBay. A fee-based version (Community Edition) appeared, but the software was also available in the Open-Source technology all the time, along with the support of a growing online community.

The project was developing dynamically. After the release of the Magento 2 and the change of the extended version to the Magento Commerce, another giant – Adobe – became interested in purchasing this project. In 2020, the acquisition from eBay was completed. Despite the change of ownership, the free version of the platform is still available.

Magento Commerce – for whom a paid version of the platform will hold good?

It is designed for very large shops that sell products not only in the country of operation but also abroad. In return for technical support, additional security, and extended basic functionality, a fee is charged based on revenue.

The fairly narrow focus of the Commerce version means that the vast majority of online shops can use the version based on a free license. Instead of technical support, such users get the support of a large community, and the basic functionality of Magento 2 can be extended with the use of relevant modules.

Why it is worth choosing the Magento 2 for your shop?

The first clue to take an interest in this platform is its popularity among large shops. What specific advantages does this software feature?

  • Security. Frequently released patches include security updates. This makes shops safer from hacking attacks and other hostile activities.
  • Flexibility. The huge configuration possibilities of the second version of the software allow you to customize the platform. This is visible not only in the owner panel but also in the layout of the website itself, which can also be changed in any way.
  • Efficiency. An important feature of the shop software is coping with sudden peaks in the number of customers. Even many open shopping baskets at the same time are not terrible for this platform, provided it has a powerful server.
  • Extensions. A large number of available extensions makes it easy to increase the possibilities of the software. Some of the modules are free, and some are fee-based, but all of them have been created in such a way as to enable comprehensive handling of your online shop.
  • It uses many state-of-the-art technologies. Apart from PHP, MySQL, or jQuery, these include Symfony, Redis, Nginx, and many others.
  • Easy to use. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 facilitates the process of installation and start-up even for beginners. High functionality and possibilities of panel configuration mean that running a shop is easy.

Due to these advantages, the popularity of the platform is very high and grows year by year. Such disadvantages as high requirements or the costs of introducing the software (due to the large number of modules) will not change this. Initially, updates may also cause some confusion, as they introduce new functionalities each time. However, with time, you can quickly get used to this convenient platform.

Configuration of the shop website

From the point of view of potential customers, the layout of a shop is a very important feature. A repetitive, boring layout will not attract their attention, while a unique, distinctive, and unusual website will make them return more often. Therefore, the Magento allows you to create an original website. This is done on the basis of a theme and a template. The first aspect concerns the color scheme or text formatting. They create a certain coherent whole.

A template, on the other hand, is your own graphic design. The use of templates facilitates the creation of various subpages that will stand out. The Web Builders, which allow you to create your own elements on the website are an additional support. Each such element can then be placed on any number of subpages.

In the case of the Magento 2, an individual graphic design is also possible, which can be implemented directly on the platform. This is a more expensive solution, but the costs can be limited only to the creation of an appropriate template and motive. However, the functionality of the shop still works in the open-source system.

Magento for everyone

The Magento platform is perfect for online shops of all sizes. The fee-based version is designed for the largest international companies, while others use the open-source version with the support of a large community. The platform is perfect for online shops of all sizes. The fee-based version is designed for the largest international companies, while others use the open-source version with the support of a large community.

The software provides great possibilities to configure the owner of the website and the layout of the shop. This is a huge advantage, which simplifies the use of Magento, and at the same time gives great opportunities to customize its functionality. Extensions, both free and fee-based, are also helpful. The advantages translate into the popularity of the platform among shop owners.

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